9 reasons why Outpost is your unique co-working space in Bali

Bali is of the world’s top travel destinations that draws more than 3 million visitors annually. The Indonesian island has not only attracted tourists, but also digital nomads and entrepreneurs who are looking for a change of scenery in their work life balance.

The challenge for these new visitors is finding a place to be productive. Too many have come with grand ideas, but with all Bali has to offer; idyllic beaches, beautiful rice fields, and vibrant cultures, they fail to turn ideas into reality. Designed for digital nomads, dreamers and/or those looking for a community, members can enjoy their nomadic lifestyle while getting stuff done at Outpost.

Here are 10 reasons why Outpost should be your next destination.

1. Join a dynamic community of doers and change makers.

From designers and Amazon retailers to animal trainers, our members find joy in being location independent. Members of our community want to be productive and thrive in a conducive environment that we’re providing. We build people up, and we make sure they have a lifetime value through membership with Outpost.

2. The largest office space in Bali for you and your team

Spawning over 600 square meters of indoor, garden and deck space for co-working, it’s easy to see why Outpost is rising in popularity among digital nomads traveling to the island. We have a dedicated and air-conditioned large room where you can work undisturbed. Furthermore, we also provide individual & team offices that can function as private meeting rooms. Head upstairs for two spacious and airy collaborative spaces with a jungle view where you can be social and network with other Outpost members and staff.

3. Soak up the cultural center of Bali.

Nestled within a charming Eco-friendly village of Nyuh Kuning, Outpost is only 5 minutes away from Ubud center. Fancy for a stroll among nature? It’s also within walking distance to Ubud Sacred Monkey Forest. For those who are wellness lover, Ubud Yoga Center is just next door and offering various type of yoga and Pilate classes.

4. Book our Easy Bali package and live in our stunning villas

Coming from abroad and don’t really know what to do with the housing situations? Outpost offers two stunningly beautiful and tranquil 3-bedroom villa with a 20-meter pool. Each accommodation comes with tropical jungle views, over-sized indoor and outdoor baths and fully air-conditioned. get access to yoga space, a personal chef and house cleaning — all within short walking distance from the Outpost. Connect with us and we can help to make your move to Bali as smooth as possible.

5. Relax with our free massage and the best coffee in Ubud

Stiff neck and feeling sore after sitting all day? Get a professional massage by our in-house masseuse. It’s lunch time but doesn’t feel like leaving your work space? We have an on-site café serving some of the best coffees on the Island with tasty sandwiches and salads to go with it. On top of that, there are a couple of dining options around us where you can get the food delivered right to your desk.

6. Take a break by dipping in our swimming pools.

Just a few steps away, we partner with Bali Spirit Hotel & Spa so our members can have access to two resort-style swimming pools. Overlooking the jungle, the pools are the perfect place to unwind and relax while sipping a young coconut juice. Find your inner Zen and recharged before resuming your work.

7. Inclusive amenities and facilities that cater to all

To ensure reliable and robust internet, we have over 100 Mbps coming from four providers offering connections to support nearly any use. Our members have 24/7 access to our space and there are a shower room and comfy couches available for late night sessions. If you need to Skype with your peers, we have several sound-proofed call booths available. Bottomless coffees and teas for your caffeine needs and a full kitchen to use. Need a stretch? We have poly-rope gymnastic rings upstairs and you could even do your own Yoga session on the balcony.

8. Learn at enlightening workshops and thought-provoking events.

We hold exciting events such as Super Bowl party, how to start a business, Casual Friday lot party, and even learning how to Parkour. We invite the Award-winning author, head of Body Shop Indonesia, BBC presenters, startup founders and other top talents in the industry as our guest speakers and we make sure everyone is getting the most out of each activity. Follow us on Facebook page for up-to-date workshops and community events.

9. Make a positive impact in the local community

Your membership with Outpost comes not only with awesome perks and benefits, but also several opportunities to help others through community outreach. Partnering with Trash Hero, there’s weekly cleanup in Ubud area where members can do their part to keep the paradise island clean. We also offer local non-profits free space and host Indonesian entrepreneurs-in-residence. Outpost realizes the impact of nomadic lifestyle and finds ways to do good to the community.

Outpost is built for you. People who are seeking a life of adventure, connection, and experiences that make a difference. We’re all about building an amazing community of doers that could supercharge productivity and live life to the fullest. Come join us!

Outpost is the largest co-working space in Bali offering private and shared offices with high-speed internet, awesome amenities, entrepreneurial master class, workshops and community events. Be productive and live well in paradise!