Could you elaborate on why Realm is bad? Besides saying “unless you know what you’re doing”?
Ken Yee

First of all realm is big and complex library that will increase size of your app dramatically(1mb+ is huge in mobile world), you should have I really good reason to consider using it instead of SQLite.

Also don’t forget about methods limit and compilation time.

Realm faster than SQLite not in every case, consider to test it in your app to be sure you’ll get noticeable performance improvements for it’s price.

By default Realm don’t have loaders and content providers support, you’ll need to implement it by yourself.

You and QA guys should learn how to use external tools to be able to browse DB content.

Just checked issue tracker, Realm still crashes in some cases. And it’s not fully open source, that means you can’t just fix it and use custom build of realm.

You should be very confident that your project need realm to solve some serious problem that cannot be solved with Sqlite. Not just use realm because it’s new and cool.