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Immutable Infrastructure

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As you could notice in my previous article, using Java 11 VM’s is pretty straight forward with sample apps. But what we should do when it does not work?

One of the possible setups where Java11 failed is Android Kotlin projects with KAPT and Dagger2. Let’s see how we can emulate this setup and fix it.

Extending our Sample App

Simple Dagger Component

Adding Component like this in your project — already causing an issue.

What happened here?

Well, Logs are clearly showing — Java is to blame. But the real problem here is KAPT.

Let’s see how we can deal with…

Java 8 was a long-awaited feature in the Android community. Finally, we got almost full support of language features. Unfortunately, newer versions of Java on Android remains just a dream.

Java updates are hard to adapt for Android, and this is one of the reasons why Google is promoting Kotlin as the Main language for application development. Despite disadvantages such as slow compilation times and slow code editing Kotlin getting more and more popular, especially in New Projects.

In this series of articles, I’ll try to demonstrate how we can finally make use of all new Java11 Virtual Machines to…

Build time optimization is a continuous process which is extremely important for big teams. In this article, I’ll share some non-standard tricks that could help you to save extra seconds|minutes on your builds.

Spoilers alert! This tricks works on some projects but could not work for yours.

I hope you’ve already read Gradle Guides and Official Android Guides, if not I strongly recommend to do it before reading this article.

Let’s begin

If you’ve ever experienced your system to be irresponsive during the build most probably it’s your SSD/HDD that slows you down. …

So yeah I feel like something is missed from article up there. Let’s find out what.

  1. Use Kotlin, yeah it’s time! Consider it long term investment in your project and skills.
  2. Think twice before adding any third party library; it’s a serious commitment.
  3. Use only small, one-feature libraries and abstraction layer above it — would be easier to replace in future.
  4. Use dependency injection, it will help you to write more flexible code and tests. Dagger/Dagger2/Kodein is the best choice so far. Thanks Wahib👍
  5. Use Picasso or Glide for async images loading and management.
  6. Use DB for persistent data.
  7. Use…

While we all waiting for 2nd part of a story with color picker(yeah, me too!). I decided to play with fonts a little bit.

We could use the same trick with LinearGradient as I described in kopi to make your text looks like a rainbow. All we need to do is override onMeasure function(no methods here, we are using Kotlin).

Too easy, right? What if I want my gradient to appear only on shadow behind the text? So yeah, it’s a little bit tricky. There would be three steps to achieve that:

  1. Draw text with default shadow by setting…

My personal favorite list:

  1. — no time to explain, just follow him👈
  2. — friend of previous guy👆
  3. — he don’t like Enums😏
  4. — should be interesting📺
  5. — just in case🖌
  6. — like this guys👥
  7. — other devs🌎
  8. — why not green?👓
  9. — don’t know that they doing here🤔
  10. — thanks Enrique López Mañas 👍
  11. — DataBinding guy🤖

So what is your source of Android Development inspiration here?

Hi, everyone. I have few ideas to share, hope it will help someone to write better Android apps. This time, I’ll share with you how to create color picker by using just Kotlin, Android SDK and your imagination.

I’ll start with a simple implementation, later we’ll find the way to improve it and embed in a simple project. You could find a source code right here. Download it and have fun!

Looks great! And it’s time to share with you how this thing works. But before we start, make sure you know what is Kotlin, git, why we need canvas

How to embed java code here?

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