How not to fail in business and scheduling for gmail

What similarities do startups and living systems have?

It turns out, there are plenty: Redundancy, Diversity, Modularity, Adaptation, Prudence, Embeddedness. It’s true that a lot of startups fail in the first few years of their life, but those who make it through and solidify into a big, crusty corporation face a whole different set of risks.

Living systems adapt to the changes in their environment, they are able to diversify and spread the risks thin- and do it at an amazingly fast pace. Most successful corporations mimic this behavior and are able to stay afloat during major industry disruptions. For example, let’s compare Fujifilm and Kodak- similar companies with similar industrial profiles. The earlier was able to defy the challenges of the digital age by staying flexible and spreading their risks. Kodak was unable to, and had to file for bankruptcy. Hidebound giant Microsoft was locked in its own grooves, unable to give birth to a successful Windows Mobile iteration and effectively suffocating acquired Nokia platform. In an unpredictable backflip, Satya Nadella revived the system by iterating the strong points of the company in a race for relevance. Azure cloud succeeded to counterweight Google Cloud and Amazon on the enterprise end; modern digital devices like Surface Pro and Surface Studio on the consumer end.

Similar lessons can be learned looking at worlds’ longest-lived corporation: Kongō Gumi. To see this and the other examples, watch this TedX lecture by Martin Reeves.

Have you ever missed not having scheduling in gmail? Doesn’t matter if you’re in sales or a regular gmail power-user, being able to schedule your emails is extremely handy. There are many options here- google sheets plugins, professional sales tools, special platforms. The latter two categories are paid, and the first one has a limit on the email addresses you can simultaneously can send to. To try it anyways, install Email Scheduler Google Sheets add-on.

Welcome to Streak. It is a professional sales CRM. What sets it apart, however, is it’s in-gmail integration and a variety of free account features. Snoozing, Send Later, Snippets, Thread Splitter, as well as a plethora of other, sales-specific tools.