Grow with us at Range

Team trip to Angel Island, January 2018

At Range, we’re building software to improve the way teams work together. We believe not only that healthier teams are better places to work, but also that healthier teams do better work. We’re looking for a Senior Backend Engineer who’s excited to come shape the future of work with us.

We’re an early-stage company and it’s an exciting time here at Range. We’ve been iterating on our alpha product for the past few months and recently launched our beta program. We’re enthusiastic about our current approach to helping teams work better together but also acknowledge that things may look drastically…

The other day, I casually confessed to some coworkers that I had taken 400 fitness classes through ClassPass in 2015. Yep, I doubled and even tripled up some days. A year ago, I would’ve never thought myself capable of this.

One of my coworkers asked if my life had changed by any of this. I joked that I couldn’t do a single push-up at the beginning of 2015. I mean, I really couldn’t, but one should hope that after all of this I’d be able to do at least one now. That was expected. But there was also the unexpected.

I stopped judging myself and others

Thoughts and process of becoming a journeyperson

This is a recap of my talk from February 2015 Engineering All-Hands

Guilds at Medium are teams organized around specific domains — they foster collaboration and craftmanship and spread knowledge about these areas. There are currently five engineering guilds at Medium: Web Client, iOS, Node Services, Data, and Server Performance.

In the Web Client Guild, members hold one of three roles: Master craftsperson, journeyperson, or apprentice. Journeypeople are effective, contributing members in the domain, while those looking to grow their skills are apprentices. Mastercraftspeople mentor apprentices.

Given that I was the first apprentice to graduate in the guild system, I…

From cartoon dollz to Neopets graphics to Myspace layouts

Creepy cartoon dollz body parts that you could drag and drop

I-frame layouts

Reassurance for where I've been and where I’m headed

Dear seventeen year-old self,

You’re probably just getting set to go to college now. You've never been to camp, but you imagine this will be similar, except with no curfews, more people, and probably more booze. And you were right about that. But here’s something I’ll tell you you were wrong about —it isn't easy. High school was easy.

This is not.

But don’t get discouraged. Find the right people who will support and help you grow. On a similar note, don’t waste time with those who won’t and those who will only ever judge you on the surface.


Learning to say “no”

I was recently in the car with my dad when he prompted me with, “If you could go back in time, would you have chosen a different major?” Without hesitation, I replied a solid “No.”

With the irrefutable presence of technology in our daily lives, I was admittedly surprised that he still wasn't all too pleased that I planted myself right in the middle of it. I say ‘still’ as this wasn't his first expression of doubt.

The first time had been when I was a senior in high school, deciding what I wanted to do with the next four…

Stephanie Yeung

currently @rangelabs. previously @medium @scsatcmu, @disney.

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