Volunteer Orientation

Recently, I got back from my volunteer orientation at People Serving People. I had about a 25 minute tour of their building… and let me tell you it is HUGE. A lot bigger than I expected. I learned a lot about all the programs they offer to those staying at People Serving People and all the different volunteer, internship and job opportunities they have to offer as well. One program that I found really interesting was this weekend they have buses that come to PSP and are filled with dentist chairs, supplies and dentists as well as their assistants. They give free dental care including check ups and fillings for the families at PSP. We toured one of the 99 emergency shelter rooms were families can stay up to a month and a half. The size is comparable to a hotel room with two full size beds, a bathroom, and storage space. Depending on the size or needs of the family there is a door to connect two rooms for large families. They can also provide bunk beds and cribs. The families are fed three times a day in the cafeteria, and they are given use of the laundry room as well.

At the end of the tour we got to watch a video of a 9 year old girl, Paris who stayed in PSP a couple years ago. It was a touching story how PSP really felt like a home or a community to her. She never felt homeless at PSP. She was joined by her mother and three brothers. She had dreams of the new home her mother was working to get them into, where she would have her own room filled with Hello Kitty posters.

I decided to stick with volunteering in the Daytime Early Development center. I will be assisting PSP’s staff in the infant room, where I get to watch and play with the young children that will be coming through PSP. I will be volunteering once a week for two hours on Friday afternoons. Definitely looking forward to my first shift on October 30th!

People Serving People