The iCandy recall that you need to know about….

Jul 9, 2018 · 6 min read

Back in April, I had an incident with my iCandy Peach pram, It was configured as a double, with my oldest child sat in the lower seat and my 12 month old baby in the top seat. I had my children in the world facing position.

After crossing a busy city road, I stopped to get something out of my bag. Suddenly, I heard a cry and found my baby lying on the ground in the road! I picked him up and moved to the side of the path, checked he was ok (he had a bump to his head and check) and then I noticed the buckle on the safety harness was in pieces!

This is my beautiful baby boy with the bump to his head. Although he was distraught after the event, Im so thankful that he only suffered from bruising.

I contacted iCandy and eventually found out that the buckle on the seat had been recalled but unfortunately I hadn’t been contacted by the retailer who sold me the seat unit for the pram.

Below is a quick outline of what I have been dealing with since April:

  • Safety Harness snapped on my iCandy Peach seat and my baby fell out of the pram hitting his head in the road
  • Initial complaint filed on April 20th 2018 with iCandy customer service.
  • iCandy admit that they found a fault with the safety harness back in 2016 — mine was bought July 2017
  • iCandy said I should never have been sold it and will speak to the retailer I bought it from and will help liaise between us
  • I heard nothing from the retailer (Winstanleys Pramworld) so I contacted them myself.
  • They said that this was the 1st time they had heard of it and are unwilling to help me.
  • iCandy didn’t inform them that there was a fault AND they have not informed them of my complaint.
  • Since learning of this, I asked iCandy to comment on the situation and provide me with proof that they have informed the retailers that the product was faulty and also of my complaint
  • iCandy are now ignoring my emails.

Here are the emails as proof….

This one from V***** at iCandy where they reassured me that my complaint would be taken seriously. They also say they will liaise between myself and our retailer…

Here, V******* then informs me that they knew of this issue back in 2016!

They also say they will be contacting winstanleys pramworld — the retailer!

After a while I had to start chasing iCandy for replies…

Finally a reply!!! They have spoke to the retailer!

After a few more emails and not really getting anywhere apart from iCandy repeating the same information, I started to feel like I was being sidelined.

I contacted Winstanleys Pram World to see what they had to say…

They said that V******* hadn’t contacted them and they had no idea about my complaint. See the emails below..

So, thanks iCandy, in your first email you reassured me that my complaint would be taken seriously but apparently that’s all just words on a page.

We understand that unfortunately sometimes these things can happen but it’s how you deal with them that counts.

  • You knew there were issues with the buckle
  • As far as I can tell, with the information I have, you have failed to inform many of your retailers and your customers, this is clearly evidenced above and below in the form of emails I have received from your retailers and also in the form of google searches that shows the general public do not seem to know about this safety recall — a small announcement on your website is unfortunately not going to get the message out to people.
  • You claimed to contact Winstanleys but they claimed that you didnt and when asked to prove that you had contacted them, you failed to reply to my email.
  • You ignored my email when I asked you to prove to me that you have contacted your resellers about this safety issue.

If you google “iCandy peach buckle”, you will find that many other people have had this issue with their buckles. Here’s a couple that I found within seconds, note how people are also annoyed at not being informed, if the company that I bought from didn’t know about the safety recall, then maybe there are others…

And this…

I was going to leave this post there, but I couldn’t get the awful thought out of my head that iCandy neglected to inform all of their resellers of the issue regarding the safety harness, especially since I had emailed them and asked for proof that they had done this and they ignored my email. So I started emailing a few of their resellers and just as I thought, they had no idea about the recall :(

Take a look for yourself…

And this one…

And another that has contacted iCandy to ask them…

And this company only found out about the recall after calling them…

I have contacted a few iCandy resellers to inform them of this recall because I want to help stop this from happening to another little baby. I really wish that the company I bought from – Winstanleys Pram World, had known about this issue and had emailed me to let me know, it could have stopped a lot of heartache for my baby and for me.

So what’s the point in this post? Well firstly, I want to raise awareness of this issue. It’s now August 2018 and this fault was first known in 2016, yet nobody seems to know about it. There’s still a major risk that more babies could be seriously hurt.

Secondly, I want iCandy to stand up and take responsibility! Yes it’s good that they have acknowledged that the buckle was faulty and have updated their design, but as demonstrated above with the emails from their suppliers, a lot of people still dont know about this safety issue and I mean, we’re not talking about a little issue here, we’re talking about a safety harness that won’t keep your baby safe and can cause serious injuries. Come on iCandy! You NEED to do more! Step up! Our babies lives are in your hands!

Please take a minute to share this story, so iCandy can no longer hide from thier responsibilities as a manufacturer of children’s products.

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