Me Lately

I don’t understand what is happening to me.I used to say that I can’t wait to finish school and go do my masters abroad so that I can finally get some freedom from my parents. It used to be always about me. I wanted to travel the world and write about my experiences. I wanted to find something somewhere and start my life all over again.

But now I’m here thinking about how I can make a life where I am. About how I can make this blogging thing a part time job, like an activity I do for fun and maybe do some corporate job or something. All because I think I can have a life with some guy I have known for just 4 months. Now when I think about travelling, I think about us doing it together.

I really don’t understand this. What happened to the hard girl me. It’s like I met him when I least expected it and now I’m so into this and there is no way out. I hate all this but I love it at the same time.

Its weird how he makes me happy even with the very dumb things he does.

I even had plans of going on adventures with my siblings and friends , but now I want to do those things with him and just him. Why does my life have to revolve around him.

Its annoying how he doesn’t piss me off, he never says anything that might make me think otherwise like the others did or make me think that I might be making a mistake. He only says the right things. I really don’t want to believe in fairy tales but this feels like one.

It feels like I fall in love with him each and everyday , all over again

even when we fight. I have no idea where this ship is sailing to but I promise you I’m going to enjoy every bit of it.