What really makes you happy? I don’t want it to be him. I don’t want it to be her either. Many a times , they say find happiness in God, he is the only one who can give you true happiness. True though , but seriously how many of you believe you are sincerely happy. We sometimes post quotes and pictures on social media trying to tell the world that we find our happiness in our creator or some guy or girl. But seriously, what makes you happy or better still , are you happy?

Take a minute or two and think about it. You have gotten your grades going on well, your parents have stopped arguing, at least they put up with each other when you are around. You met this great guy or girl and everything is going on pretty well. Recently, you are able to study the Word, make some notes , so I guess that part of your life is going on pretty well, right??

But why does it feel like you are still searching for something. Why are so bothered by what people say or think. You are worried about your weight , or those scars , spots or pimples on your face. You think you should start squatting because your butt doesn’t look so firm in those jeans. You are trying so hard to find what his flaws are or what if this doesn’t turn out right because in the past, it always went wrong.

It always ends up wrong, mum and dad will start arguing again. He will say something stupid and you get pissed and that relationship is dead too. They always leave. When you makes friends , they end up leaving or you find out two of them were talking about you behind your back and so now you don’t trust them. You act cool around them but don’t trust them.

Every time we try so hard to focus on the imperfections , we forget the beauty right beside us. Today, lets forget about all the negatives. Yes he lied to you, made you think this was going somewhere but it didn’t. She cheated on you before or probably put you in the friend zone when you thought you were about to nail it. And so what!

Screw all those things. Lets focus on positives. Pour yourself a glass of wine, if you don’t drink ,apple juice will do. Dress up, put on some lipgloss or that cool Nike sneakers you have. Take a day at a time and lets see how that goes. If you take life one day at a time, maybe you will be happy. Its working for me so far. How about you try it tomorrow.