When I was 7 I wanted to be an Astronaut

In the 1st grade I wanted to become an astronaut. I remember wanting to be something different than my peers who after being asked “what do you want to be when you grow up?” inevitably said they wanted to grow up to be ballerina’s or firefighter’s, I however wanted to live amongst the stars. To this day, I still remember learning about the moon, outer space and the cosmos and I quickly decided that the coolest job in the world (or universe) would be to become an Astronaut. I knew I wanted to learn everything I could about the stars and the planets in the sky. I soon changed my mind when I learned that in order to become an astronaut you would have to be spun around in a spaceship simulator. As a 7 year old who had a fear of roller coasters, being spun around in anything didn’t seem like a great idea.

There were many other “dream jobs” that followed the astronaut debacle. Every time someone would ask me “what do you want to be when you grow up?” my answer would always change. I wanted to be a writer, a dancer, an artist, an actor. I wanted to be just about anything and everything and picking just one job seemed crazy. As you get older you realize that the question “what do you want to be when you grow up?” is extremely silly. We ask children this heavy weighted question all the time leading them to believe that a career is what being an adult is about, when really it’s so much more than that.

Now as a full fledged adult — or at least that’s what people tell me I am — I can tell you that I never want to grow up. Similar to Peter Pan and the Lost Boys I never want to stop using my imagination. I never want to stop learning, never want to stop being creative and I especially never want to stop getting excited about everything around me. I think this is what drives me everyday in my career. I love what I do and I never get bored of it — ask anyone who knows me they’ll tell you there isn’t anything that excites me more than creating and designing. I want to be the best I can be and always strive to be better. Unlike my 7-year-old self, I will never let fear change who I want to become.