And then there were… 400
Peter Muller

Congratulations on the 400 deposits — Peter!. Really great to see the steady progress on the prototype molds. I had two questions that keep coming back to me:

  1. On the Dutch role tendency topic, I noted that Jeff’s earlier design had two large tail fins and small winglets. I also see the Cobalt Co-50 with two large tailfins. What is the trade off of making the winglets even larger on the Raptor vs. adding tail fins?
  2. You responded earlier on a question regqrding the three attachment points of the BRS chute. If I imagine a heavy person in the rear left seat, plus the moment of the engine, would the plane not bank heavily to the left when hanging under the chute?

Thanks so much for this ground breaking work. Can’t wait to fly the raptor!


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