The “volcanic” Inventor Alberto Volcan

This evening I’m going to tell you the story of a good friend of mine. Mr. Alberto “Albert” Volcan. He is a person full of “volcanic” ideas an the owner of 12 patents.

Since years he is researching the recycling of apple garbage. And precisely the remains of the apple industry. Only in South Tyrol every year 1 million tons of apple are produced. Image the incredible mass of apple trash remaining in the whole world — from juice production to apple pie … :-) . With a special process the apple garbage is transformed to becoming a sort of “leather” 100 % from apple. It is certified — resistant lying months in water or 40.000 (!) bendings.

The process is totaly pollution free, no chemicals is to be added and it could be produced in stamps used before for pasta production (and could after be used for it again. Priceless if we put on our eyes the environmental problems of leather production. With this product there is no pollution. Value addet to garbage.

Biodegradable napkin

The last attempt of Alberto is the 100 % biodegradable napkin. As you see Alberto has always a new idea! He presented his napkin saturday. And it works! Take note — Alberto Volcan from South Tyrol Branzolo/Branzoll! You would hear from him soon!

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