Marketing Communications in Latin America (IJA Special Issue)

A special issue of the International Journal of Advertising, guest edited by me, bringing together studies exclusively on marketing communications in and from a Latin American perspective is available online now via the IJA website and in printed form.

The special issue answers the call ,made previously, for more research from Latin American countries. In the special issues, scholars demonstrate the diverse range of different marketing communication techniques, contexts and approaches that researchers take to examine them. The various articles examine topics as diverse as advertising to children, pro-social/pro-environmental communication, ethical issues of disclaimers, creativity and cultural factors influencing marketing communications in this vibrant and fast-growing part of the world.

To access the full special issue, please click here.

Originally published at Stephan Dahl.

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A/Prof at James Cook University- author of Social Media Marketing (Sage), Marketing Ethics & Society (Sage), Social Marketing (Pearson) …

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