All Google G Suite Beta programs from Google Next ’19

Last week Google organized the Google Next event, the most important event for G Suite users and as usual it was 1 week of news and announcements.

Google unveil multiple Beta programs for G Suite users, if you don’t catch them all Beta programs, you will find them here.

G Suite Add-ons

Get more done in less time with G Suite Add-ons.

Example of G Suite Add-ons

Sign-up : link

Hangouts Chat accelerated program

Get access to Hangouts Chat in Gmail, External users access and PWE application.

Hangouts Chat integration in Gmail

Sign-up : link

Connected Sheets

Work with billions of rows of BigQuery data with connected sheets. New integration between Sheets and BigQuery that is designed to make analysis on data stored in BigQuery very easy, with no knowledge of SQL required.

Connected Sheets for Google Sheets with BigQuery

Sign-up : link

Metadata in Google Drive

Add metadata to Google Drive files and extend Google Drive capabilities for managing and searching your files. Fully integrated with Google Team Drive.

Metadata in Google Drive in a Team Drive

Sign-up : link

Google data connectors for Sheets

Connect Google Sheets to on premise databases securely over GCP networking directly in Sheets. Work with MS SQL, MySQL or PostgreSQL, Oracle database coming to alpha soon.

Manage data sources for Google Sheets with Data Connectors

Sign-up : link

Currents Beta, new Google+

Get access to the beta of Currents the new version of Google Plus.

Currents new Enterprise Social Network for G Suite users

Sign-up : send an email to currentsbeta[@] without []

Business Forms

Create and manage lightweight business processes with Google Forms

Sign-up : link

Dynamically control G Suite access with context-aware access (Enterprise only)

Allow access to G Suite account for users based on IP or others parameters.

Sign-up : Admins can opt-in by changing their security settings Admin Console> Security> Context-Aware Access

Vault Search and Export for new Sites, early sign-up

Get Vault Search and Export enabled for new Google Sites on G Suite domain.

Sign-up : link