Create a room availability dashboard for Workspace with Apps Script and onleetable

Setup Apps Script to get the availability data

Make a copy of the template sheets : click here

Get Calendar ID

This is the longest part of the setup 😊 In the Sheets enter the Calendar Id of the resources you want to track in the column A.

Click + to find resources
Get Google Calendar ID

Finalise Setup of sheets

Once you added the Calendar Id to the column A, duplicate formula for the column H and I.

Run the Script

Go to the menu ‘Room Availability > Manual Launch’

Update data automatically

In the menu ‘Room availability’ select ‘Create trigger’. The vailability of each rooms will be updated each 5 minutes.

Make the data available and embed it in your intranet

For that we will use onleetable (install from here).

Open onleetable

Define ranges

Select Columns B to H in the sheets and click Refresh Selection in onleetable.

Define Design option

Select ‘Row hover’ only.

Define Filters

Add a ‘Select’ filter to the Free/Busy column.

Define Show/Hide

Hide the column Free/Busy.

Define options

Add a search input and allow ordering of column.

Create onleetable

Click ‘Create’ button, simple 😁

The result

Room availability Dashboard for Google Workspace


With the ‘Card View’ available in the section ‘Design’ you can move to a Card design.

Room availability, card view design

Make your own Room Availability table

Install onleetable : Click Here



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