Make your own Office Desk Booking with Apps Script

Build your own Office Booking system with Apps Script

Some context

What we can do with our Office Desk Booking ?

  • Manage a daily quota of presence
  • Manage team and number of persons in team
  • Assign teams per days
  • Book remaning open desks
  • Delete your booking
  • View 2 weeks, current one and next one

How we manage data

function getCustomBooking(){
var data = PropertiesService.getScriptProperties().getProperty('custom_booking');
// console.log(data)
if( data && data != ''){
obj = JSON.parse(data)
obj = cleanOldData(obj);
return obj;
return {}
function setCustomBooking(custom){ 

Deploy application

Get your version




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Stéphane Giron

Stéphane Giron

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