How to Prepare for the Confluent Certified Developer for Apache Kafka (CCDAK) exam


I was part of the beta testers :)
  • You can currently take the certification straight from your computer, you don’t need to go to an exam center
  • The certification exam is 55 multiple choice questions in 90 minutes
  • The certification is valid for two years
  • Read the exam details at:

Studying for the Certification

Apache Kafka Fundamentals

Kafka Connect

Kafka Streams

Confluent Schema Registry / REST Proxy / KSQL

Kafka Setup

Kafka Security and Kafka Monitoring?

Sample questions

  • A: KStream
  • B: KTable
  • C: GlobalKTable
  • D: You choose between KStream or KTable
  • A: contains all the topics and all the partitions
  • B: contains only a subset of the topics and the partitions
  • C: knows all the metadata for all topics and partitions
  • D: knows the metadata for the topics and partitions it has on its disk
  • E: is a bootstrap broker
  • F: is a controller
  • A: Each partition will live on 3 different brokers
  • B: Each partition will live on 2 different brokers
  • C: Each partition will live on 4 different brokers
  • D: 3 replicas of the same data will live on 1 broker
  • A: min.insync.replicas
  • B: compression.type
  • C: unclean.leader.election.enable
  • A: In the Schema Registry embedded SQL database
  • B: In the _schemas topic
  • C: In the message bytes themselves
  • D: In the Zookeeper node /schemas

Closing Comments

  • It’s absolutely free.
  • It’s open and there is no registration required.
  • It’s packed full of deep-dive lessons and practical tutorials, perfect for everyone from beginners to experts.




Udemy Instructor, 5x AWS Certified, Kafka Evangelist, New Tech Hunter

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Stéphane Maarek

Stéphane Maarek

Udemy Instructor, 5x AWS Certified, Kafka Evangelist, New Tech Hunter

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