Farage: A Dangerous Fraud Pushing Britain To Brexit

The Brexit camp ranges from the overtly reactionary UKIP and Tory right-wing, to sections of the left and trade union movement in the UK. It is a cross-class ‘coalition’, dominated by the Little-Englander nationalists on the right of British politics. But all of the groups within this camp are united by chauvinist delusions that will be rapidly exposed should the UK vote to leave the EU.

Within that camp, Nigel Farage is the leading figure. It is because of UKIP and its leader that the UK faces its biggest threat of all. What will happen in the case of Brexit?

It is important to know who Nigel Farage is.

Farage always poses as an enemy of ‘elites’ in Britain and Europe who crush the average worker while living the high life. In reality, he is part of the same Establishment that he wants us to vote against.

Farage’s “economic utopia” is his main argument and it is extremely weak: his head is saddled with visions of nationalist utopia. The pro-business case for leaving the EU is based in two related arguments: the first is that EU legislation and regulation represents both an undemocratic imposition onto British freedom, and secondly, there is a suffocating restriction on economic growth, creativity and freedom. He argues that by leaving, Britain would be free of this bureaucracy and our economy would go from strength to strength. Indeed, the whole nation would enjoy a sort of national rebirth and flourishing.

This argument is completely false. The truth is that the decisive part of British trade and exports go to the European single market, and that leaving the EU would be nothing short of a disaster for big business and British economy in general. It would not extend its freedom, but dramatically curtail it. Farage claims this does not matter. Britain, he says, could, just like Norway, negotiate a similar, no, a better, trade deal with the EU than we currently have.

This a lie. Norway does have a similar trade relationship to the EU that other EU countries have, but to have this it is required to pass EU laws and regulations into Norwegian law, every single year. Norway has found itself obliged to pass three-quarters of all EU laws and all its regulations. Norway also pays 90% per capita of what the UK does to secure access to the market[1].

Therefore, the minute Britain leaves the EU, the Establishment will embark on a scramble to establish more or less the same trade relations with the EU that it currently has. This would involve the same fees, and in fact an even worse “dependence” to EU bureaucracy, since like Norway it will have to agree to comply with its regulations, only this time without any influence on the drafting of that legislation.

Furthermore, it is a myth that British business is a victim of EU legislation and regulation. Actually, British governments have proposed a disproportionate amount of EU regulation, just as it has opposed EU tariffs on cheap Chinese steel. It is a British government that has imposed the most deregulated and flexible labour markets in the advanced world with the zero-hours contracts, and despite being in the EU. Therefore, the so-called EU bureaucracy has no impact on the government. Farage just wants us to buy his little nationalist’s utopia.

Farage is a “Purple Tory”

For that you need to read the UKIP’s General Election Manifesto for 2015, where the so-called people’s party was calling at the same time for raising the threshold for the 40 per cent tax rate to £55,000; the Personal Allowance to £13,000 and abolishing Inheritance Tax. For Nigel, his longer-term aspiration was for cutting the top rate of tax to 40 per cent, and for ‘restoring the personal allowance to those earning over £100,000’. In other words, less taxes for the rich and less money for all of us. The NHS would certainly be the first victim of Nigel’s Tory dream. He would certainly privatise it.

The real question to ask is why Farage supports such extreme ideas?

In reality, Farage is a fat cat and isn’t an ordinary bloke.

His ‘ordinary bloke’ act is a fraud

Don’t let the pub landlord image fool you: Farage is no man of the people. He’s the son of a stockbroker, educated at all-boys public school, Dulwich College, and worked as a commodity broker in the City before entering politics

He’s now a lazy and overpaid part-time MEP earning at least £76,000 — nearly three times the average UK salary. And his political campaigns have been bankrolled by billionaires like Richard Desmond and more recently millionaire Arron Banks.

And that’s why he isn’t friend of the British workers. Nigel wants to scrap workers’ rights. UKIP’s manifesto for the last General Election wanted to repeal Labour’s Human Rights legislation, probably the Human Rights Act, and amend the EU Working Time Directive, because he believes it actively restricts the British work ethos and therefore our economy. In other words, he wants workers to work until they drop; where human rights and workers’ rights do not exist anymore.

He has also been back and forth about whether he wants to replace the NHS with an insurance-based health scheme. Surely, the privatisation of the NHS will be on the cards if Britain choose to leave the EU?

Farage’s politics are essentially racist. Since becoming UKIP leader, Farage has poisoned British politics with his special brew of xenophobia. Just last year he claimed Africans were bringing HIV into the country and mooching off the NHS[2]. Before that he warned London was experiencing a ‘Romanian crime wave’, and later said he wouldn’t feel comfortable if Romanians moved in next door.

Bigotry has been a running theme in Farage’s party, as has a sustained attack on women’s rights and his influence on the Brexit campaign. This is huge, as we can see with their horrific advert on the Orlando massacre where Leave.eu did not hesitate to use the death of 50 people to score some political points[3].

So yes, the EU is pro-austerity, but can anyone seriously maintain that UKIP and Nigel Farage, are somehow less pro-austerity and racist?

Brexit will give Farage a boost that we don’t need. He is a racist and represents the realProject Fear. Farage and his friends are leading a campaign in which has already insulted Germans, Romanians, Bulgarians, Turks, Syrians, Greeks, French, Polish, Russians, (not a complete list). Outrageous claims include that the Orlando massacre happened because of the EU; that 12 million Turks will arrive in UK; Muslims are rapists; that we must leave Europe to be secure from terrorism, and finally claims that refugees and immigrants will overwhelm.

Farage is leading a campaign dominated by fascists, neo-Nazis, economic ultraliberals with a few Labour collaborators. Brexit has nothing to offer but misery. Do we really want this?

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