2017 ! Get cut like a DIAMOND !

If you want to shine like a diamond, you must be willing to get cut like a diamond — Dr Eric Thomas


This is the year where i decided that i was going all in for entrepreneurship.

For several years, i talked about making this dream come true.

So, in February of this year, i decided to go all in.

To become an entrepreneur. To become my own boss. To become a hustler. To become a dream chaser. To become a go getter. To become a true leader.

Right now, it’s hard.

Entrepreneurship is not an easy path. It’s for those who have the stamina to relentlessly go hard.


Days pass by so quickly. When you are an entrepreneur, you have so much to do. You barely have the time to eat and talk to people that matter to you. It’s a question of priorities, right? Yeah i get it. But when you are chasing your dream, you tend to become obsessed with it. Each day you do your best to get closer to your dream. By doing this, you start to feel lonely. You cannot talk about everything that you do with everyone.

You start to question your ideas. You start to question your choices.


Patience. Patience. Patience.

Each second. Each minute. Each hour. Each day. Each week. Each month.

Every moment matters when you are an entrepreneur. So, i just want to tell other young people like me that patience is key. It’s so difficult to wait for the reward. You have been putting so much hours and efforts and yet you are not rewarded yet for all your efforts.

I get you. I feel same.

But i am working on it. I know that this is a weakness. I am telling you too, be patient.


It’s been a while since i written a post on medium.

I have been so busy going after my goals that i forgot how writing is my great escape. I am back now.

Besides, putting 10–14hours each day in my craft, i will continue to publish content on medium on a regular basis.

Take care.

Your friend,


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