#TheGreaterPurposeJourney — Ep 12— SOCRATES

Monday 27th March

My thought of the day:

The only true wisdom is to know that you know nothing — Socrates

I constantly reevaluate my strengths. I constantly question my skills.

Do i really master these techniques?

What are my core strengths?

Am i skilled in this field?

I don’t do this because i doubt myself.

I do it because i want to continuously improve the skills that i have.

I love critics and haters because they point out things that can be improved.

Sometimes, i prefer to receive critics rather than compliments.

Activity tracker for Monday 27th March:

  • Meeting with a business partner
  • Emails
  • Writing some thoughts down
  • Strategic planning
  • Re-aligning priorities

Key take aways of the day :

  • Be open to new ideas
  • Learning never stops
  • Welcome critics and haters
  • Turn negativity into positivity

See you.

Your friend,