#TheGreaterPurposeJourney — Ep 19 — MAN OF VALUE!

The Greater Purpose Journey is the daily hustle of a young Mauritian entrepreneur.

Please note that this project will serve as documentation in the long run.

I want to see how i grow along the journey. I want to share this journey with you. One day this may become my legacy to the world!

Value > Success

Wednesday 5th April

How would you want people to pitch themselves to you?

What type of people do you attract?

Did you realise that we are always pitching ourselves to others?

Did you realise that we are always selling our views/opinions and ourselves as competent, loyal and good people to others?

You are constantly selling.

Very few people though understand this.

Very few people notice this.

Very few people take the time to question their thinking.

Very few people take the time to stop and think about what they were doing.

A lot of people operate on automatic mode.

It was a hectic day, AGAIN :)

I went in a meeting.

Discussed some topics with a partner.

Started navigating on Linkedin and browse through my contacts to see potential clients.

By the way, i’m a consultant in marketing, strategy and branding.

A lot of thoughts rush through my mind during the day.

  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Business development
  • Politics
  • Customer Service

I am giving you the opportunity to dissect my mind :)

Am i crazy guys? :)

Some questions i ask myself on a regular basis.

  • What can i improve?
  • What are my strengths?
  • What are my areas of improvement?
  • What can i do to perform better?
  • Am i clear on my list of things that i need to do each day?
  • Am i happy each day?
  • Am i satisfied with the quality of work that i’m providing?

Quote of the day:

It’s about listening first, then selling

Activity tracker for Tuesday 4th April:

  • 2hours meeting with business partner — discussing topics.
  • Emails
  • Follow up on potential clients.
  • Linkedin business development.
  • Business call with partners.

Key take aways of the day :

  • Understand what you are doing.
  • List specific goals. Define clear strategies to hit your target.
  • Assess the quality of your thinking.
  • Become a man/woman of value.

See you tomorrow.

Your friend,


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