What’s your life purpose? I found mine

I found my life purpose.

I worked on it for several days. I took the time to understand myself.

Self-awareness is so hard. But when you get to that point where you feel that everything is aligned with what you feel deep inside, it feels so good.

How did i do it? I applied the following process to get to the answer.

  • Time to reflect to think about my passions
  • Time alone
  • Read about other people’s strategy to identify their purpose
  • Writing down my thoughts
  • Understanding my priorities in life
  • Understanding how i can contribute to make the life of others better

You know what is the hardest thing to do now?

Live it! Apply it consistently every day when i decide to do something!

My life purpose:

“To live a meaningful life where i can express love, originality, freedom of expression, and innovative ideas on a daily basis and result in making a positive impact on people, businesses and communities around the world.”

Your friend,


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