Easy breezy

Stephane Bee
Sep 22, 2017 · 2 min read

As I stepped outside this morning and felt blessed. Not sure this is the best word as it has heavy religious connotations and I am not. I guess I felt blessed by what I believe in the most: nature.

The sun was still rising, a bright blue sky with pink notes and few uneven groups of clouds were surrounding me.

And the breeze.

The perfect breeze.

A mix of warm and chilly air. A breeze inviting me to close my eyes and take a moment to feel the presence of what no one can see. I heard one describe love and faith that way once. All these powerful feelings who live in the abstract.

For few seconds I was not in an urban setting anymore, no people rushing to the subway to get on time to work, no coffee spills, no cars honking, no delivery trucks, no kids running trying to keep up with their parents.

No. For just a moment I closed my eyes, smiled and felt thoroughly peaceful and connected.

To nature and to myself.

It was as simple as looking around, noticing and taking a minute.

It’s the little things…

As I am writing this, as always, I already think about how could I visually support my words. It is always challenging to interprete feelings that are so personal to oneself… as I am trying to capture this feeling of connection this was the best I could do…

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Smile, it won't mess up your hair.

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