During an insightful conversation on the train on the way to work one morning, my friend and I talked about previous relationships. Not uncommon but the conversation landed on how some people once over their partner, completely flip their behavior and get as cold as icebergs. Most often as a defense mechanism but nevertheless rejecting the other person, what they represent, what you brought to them and ultimately rejecting the piece you added to the chess board of their life.

Long after our morning commute this conversation kept playing in my head and I realize why. I deeply believe that if you once loved a person, according that they were not emotionally or physically abusive, one can find a place in their mind to remember the good, the kind, the positive and realize that each person to cross the path of our heart or of our desire become intrinsically part of us and of our story.

I lived in many different cities of different countries over two different continents. Each place I lived in taught me something exclusive, each culture taught me a different sense of humor, each language with its own accents and dialects offered me an invitation into a new world. Each places adding a layer to my experience of people and of the world.

Just like that, each person that romantically crossed my path added a layer to my life and how I experienced it. I am grateful for it and for them.

I still know some of them and when our paths cross, all is left from the past is kindness, tenderness and real joy for each other’s new found happiness.

They will remain a piece of the puzzle of my life.

It’s the little things…