My New York

Stephane Bee
Jun 8, 2017 · 2 min read

Today I love my city.

The first days of spring always have the most invigorating impact on New York and its inhabitants.

Hari Krishna’s are out chanting, the biker riding along union Square with his radio blasting hip-hop in the sun. Overhearing the ASCAP volunteer in a deep conversation with a veteran and ending it with "I love you man, I want you to be the mayor", Union Sq. farmer’s market in ébullition , honey, flowers, bread, everyone tasting samples of heavenly bites, laughs.

I am breathing in, New York’s energy.

Getting lost in the West Village, forgetting the time, feeling part of this perfectly temperature breeze, still getting confused when W4 and W12 cross — after 15 years.

Landing on Bleecker, the one block where we first used to go out. It has changed. A lot. Most stores and restaurants are different except for few. Except for our favorite Italian restaurant, the same waiter is still there. And the bakery where you used to fall with envy for a biscotti each time has not closed its doors. So many memories, such a long time ago. Nostalgia meets spring, with its feeling of renewal. Perfect intersection of the past, the future and the present moment.

Eating a pickle on a stick, who needs a popsicle. Only here. (sorry that was random)

I feel awake, I feel alive, I feel inspired. I must be a bear, because I just came out of hibernation and I am walking in my city listening to this

watching the wind making birds and leafs dance on the beat of my sound.


It’s the little things…

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