On inspiration

Stephane Bee
May 26, 2017 · 2 min read

I entered the fourth decade of my life not long ago. One known for introspection, mid-life crisis, achievements, left-over to do lists.

40 is the new 30 or so they say — kind of waiting on this one still.

The previous decade was hard.
I lost both my parents and few other significant and meaningful people, I was drained by complicated administrative and financial hardships related to those losses that lasted 5 years.
I also became the mother of a wonderful little boy in the middle of it all, which was wonderful, life saving and surely part of the best moments of my life.

Yet all these events contributed to a certain loss of connection to myself. My life became a regimen of schedules and slowly the light switch of my creativity bulb faded and nearly died out.

Not so much in my work - I am a graphic designer - but my own inspiration. The thrill of the new idea. That little flame inside, that drives you.

I was still feeling touched by art, photography and writing. The world around me was still inspiring me. But nothing was coming out of it. Filling drawers with unused ideas.

And then we met. You became a sort of un-seeked mentor.

Slowly we became friends. Slowly we shared, more and more. Personal stories, views on life, inspirations, hardships. God knows you went through more hardship then I did and yet you found a way to channel those feelings into concrete, inspired, beautiful words and pictures. You used your hardship to give a more clear direction to your career, to your passions.

And you are oh so generous to share them with the world. And with me, you gave me energy, inspiration and drive just how and when I needed it.

You helped me remember how a creative project can and should be for ourselves first, not for a client, not for business, but for our own satisfaction and self-development. You reminded me that by making that same project manageable in time and effort, it becomes doable, and realistic.

And just like that, without knowing it, you helped me turn the light switch back on the creative buzz of my mind.

And just like that I started writing.

And just like that, you helped me get back on the path of me.

It might not have been obvious to you but for that and your kindness and friendship I will be forever grateful. You are now part of my puzzle.

It’s the little things…

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