The heart

I am a visual person.

I express myself, my emotions, my pain, my happiness through visuals… using my hands. Most often in the form of pictures. I have used other mediums but photography has always helped me communicate about what I see, and how I see the world around me, but also how it impacts me on the inside.

As adults we get accustomed to everyday beauty or phenomenon to the point of not noticing them anymore, and we tent to not “feel” the amazement we once used to when we were kids.

I recall an anecdote in the strong one woman show crafted and delivered with insight, depth and raw emotions by my aunt Isabelle. She shared a childhood memory, ultimately shared her emotions. I felt as if I was there. I felt as I lived the same moment when my inside world, my body, my soul, my inspiration are actively connected to the world around me. As a young child she was lying in the grass in her beloved Swiss mountains with her eyes lost in the sky playing among funny shaped clouds when her caretaker pulled her out of her fantasy world, deciding for her, the direction her thoughts and her actions should take and by doing so bringing her back from fantasy world to logistic world.

This has been a reminder to myself to keep in mind to stop; to stop and seize the moment. To teach my son that you can turn off the heat from under the stew and take the time to show him how beautifully the sunlight hits his room in a way that reveals dust and particles in general hidden from the naked eye.

To offer him the connection we all deserve with the world around us.

To stop. And take notice.

Because in the most painful moments of my life, being able to connect with the simple beauty that surrounded me, ultimately saved me.

Here is what I mean… in pictures.

Plastic bag dancing in a storm

And then one day as I am strolling down the street with my son’s hand nested in mine, he suddenly stopped and asked me to look down. A random piece of paper had been thrown with disregard on the street and if you took the time to look at it you could see the shape of a heart.

Look mama, a heart

And just like that he got it. And it filled me with joy.

It’s the little things…