Do your kids have it easier?

This picture appeared in my feed this morning and hit a nerve. I wanted to share with you something that has been on my mind since we started designing PodPi. Today, I want to share what fuels our mission. Please take a minute to read the short story below. I’d love to hear back from you.

“When I was in school, I quickly understood that I needed to be better than anyone in my class to get ahead. It took a lot of studying and some amazing teachers.

When I started my apprenticeship, I knew that I needed to be better than anyone in my own town to get a job that I would enjoy. It took some serious work and some patient mentors.”

When I got my first job, I realized that I needed to be better than anyone in my country. It took some long nights, great coaches, and laser focus to learn all the technology. We didn’t even have the internet to “just Google it!”.

When I worked on the PodPi Adventures and now on our latest AWS-based series, I knew that I needed to create something better than what already existed. It took a talented team, each one with a passion for their own craft.

Today, your kids are already competing, but this time with the entire world. Yet they are still in school…

So, no, I don’t think they have it easier!”

Instant Everything

There is no denying that the environment our kids are now growing in, is vastly different from our times. The first time I realized it, was when my son asked why we couldn’t just choose a song on the radio. We live in “instant everything”.

Along the way, technology has become ubiquitous. We take Alexa for granted today when we can just ask her to remind us just about everything. But along the way we are also losing the art of learning. I have seen it first hand when conducting workshops with kids.

Teach your kids to create

The recent events in our country highlight what happens when we become consumers and followers instead of problem solvers and creators. Our kids will face complex problems and we need to get them ready to handle them with the appropriate tools. I’m saddened and worried that too many programs today choose to “teach” our kids with “Fun & Easy, just follow the steps” programs.

When designing the Island of PodPi, and now designing our newest series for older kids, our main focus and goal is to arm your kids with the curiosity and the hunger to create. We strive to provide them an experience in problem-solving, not through blind step by step, but through contextual storytelling and the occasional humor. We purposely have our Pods take action using their respective skills. We know many of our young subscribers identify with our characters, and all of them are carefully crafted to be leaders in their own ways.

We are committed to provide your kids with a lasting experience. Today, they may only see JavaScript and some fun components. But tomorrow, they will understand the context in which these stories took place. And instead of saying “I wish I had this when I as a kid”, they will say “I remember this when I was a kid.”

I cannot wait to see what your kids will create and will become. All I ask of you, is to encourage them to persevere when things are hard, to look for solutions outside of their comfort zone, and encourage them to learn more. They will have to compete with the world. Together, let’s get them ready!!

~Stephane Come
Creator of the PodPi Adventures