Kids — Learn, Create, Share

Summer is fast approaching and, if you are like me, you’d rather have your kids play outside than play video games all day. I know it is a struggle for a lot of parents in the age of constant digital attention. We each have access to video games in the palm of our hands, every single day — all day long. Kids are asking for smartphones at a younger and younger age. At the same time, we live in an amazing time where knowledge is in the palm of our hands, every single day — all day long. Gone are the days where learning something new required a trip to the library. Gone are the days when you were on your own creating something new, when sharing was limited to the reach of your community.

Today, we have an opportunity and a responsibility to teach our kids to become creators instead of consumers of technology. Children are curious by nature. They learn and adapt to their environment faster than we realize.

Learn — Create — Share is a natural process. A process that feeds the imagination, feeds the sense of purpose and above all the feeling of accomplishment. By fostering these three steps in our children, we can inspire them to want to learn, want to create and share with the world. As weeks and months go by, a habit is formed. Instead of just playing a video game, they begin to enjoy learning to code, wanting to create a game, instead, and share it with their friends. For example, Code Academy rewards the student with badges at each level. Learning becomes fun, becomes a challenge and today, these challenges can be shared online.

I encourage you to adopt these steps with your kids or for yourself. Learn something new each day with your kids. Together, create something using this knowledge and share your discoveries with the world. A new pattern will emerge with new possibilities, something a video game simply can’t do.

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