5 shortcuts that will instantly boost your production on Visual Studio Code

tiny disclaimer: shortcuts are written for windows. Mac guys will need to translate

I admit. I’m a lazy programmer and if I don’t have to make as many movements to get the same work done, I will take it!

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Image for post
The face I make when I know what to code but then actually have to type it (cred Tom Morel on Unsplash)

As I start to use VS Code more and more, I want to be as productive as possible. One way of doing this is to minimize having to use the mouse. Here are a few shortcuts and snippets I use when I am coding on Visual Studio Code.

  1. Change line numbers:
ctrl + g

This is super handy of course as I no longer have to scroll all the way up with my mouse or my arrow key to a line.

2. Switch to another open file:

ctrl + tab 

3. New Terminal:

ctrl+ shift + `

4. Comment / Uncomment a code block:

ctrl + /

5. Selecting a particular line:

ctrl + i

I really didn’t want to boggle you down with a lot of shortcuts but if you are interested in seeing a ton more, there is a whole site dedicated to it.

I also use a very popular snippet extension on VSC called JS JSX Snippets

I hope that this small article can instantly boost your productivity. I tried to include some shortcuts that I personally use all the time. I also hope that this is useful for both new users of VSC as well as those with experience.

If there are any tips or comments , please feel free to leave them here or message me. Also, follow me on twitter @stephanedmonson I follow back! Happy Coding!!!

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