Dans la vie, nous avons beaucoup d’occasions de perdre notre calme. La vie est souvent stressante avec toutes nos obligations au travail et à la maison, surtout quand on a de jeunes enfants.

Je me souviens quand mes enfants étaient en bas âge et que ma conjointe et moi étions cadres supérieurs, ça ne prenait pas grand chose pour nous faire perdre notre calme dans la routine du matin.

Souvent, ce sont les choses les plus simples qui nous font sortir de notre zénitude. Que ce soit notre enfant qui aujourd’hui décide de prendre son temps pour mettre ses souliers…

For most of our formal education and corporate training, we have learned to be good at public speaking as good leaders are good communicators.

We have forgotten that listening is also part of good communication, especially for conscious leaders.

As Margaret Wheatley said, listening is a transformational act. Listening is so simple. All we need to do is to be present, nothing else. We don’t have to advise, to be a coach, or a wise person. We just have to be willing to sit in silence and listen with authenticity.

Is your listening authentic?

When you listen to another person…

In our society that often values the superficial over the authentic, we don’t often share our fears with friends, family, and colleagues.

In this era of rock star CEO’s and bigger than life leaders, there seems to be little room for leaders to be authentic and vulnerable as everyone is supposed to be strong and powerful.

The fact is that we all have fears and most of them originate from our parental and societal programming. Most have been implanted in us between 0 and 6 years old.

According to the psychologist Carl Jung, there are three types of fears that…

Throughout their lives, most people have learned to blame others for their emotional upsets and only a few people are ready to assume full responsibility for all their emotions.

I have been on this journey myself and it took quite a lot of efforts and lots of learning to finally get that I, and only I am responsible for all my emotions. That no one can make me feel anything. No matter that happens.

I have finally realized that it is not what happens that matters, as we all go through challenging times at various parts of our lives. In…

We live in a society where we honour the superficial and neglect the real.

On social media, many people focus on showing us the best part of themselves, instead of showing us their true self.

Richard Barrett provides an excellent description of the seven levels of consciousness and the focus at each level of consciousness.

Many leaders in business are stuck in lower levels of consciousness as they are driven by the needs of their own ego and few have made it as high as level of making a difference.

The challenge with our modern society is that most of…

It is amazing for me to see how many people believe they are not enough while in my eyes they are perfect.

In my experience as a coach, feeling that one is not enough is one of the most common limiting belief.

This limiting belief is often the result of the parental and societal programming most of us have received. Society works really hard to show us we are imperfect so we can consume more.

All the soda and alcohol companies want us to believe we will be happier if we drink their products. Most of the luxury brands want…

Do you have a crystal clear vision for your organisation?

Do you also have a clear vision for your life?

As I was listening to Barrack Obama deliver the 16th Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture this week, I was reflecting on the power of visionary leadership and how essential it is for any leader who wants to lead his organization to greatness to have an inspiring vision.

I have worked in business as a senior leader for many years and I have often wondered what the visions of my leaders were. It was always obvious they wanted us to make money…

Humanity is at a major crossroad. As the population of the planet keeps increasing and we, as a species, have not committed to care for each other and our home, planet earth, our social and environmental problems are just getting bigger. This will only get worse as the population of earth will increase from 7.5 billions to almost 10 billions in the next 30 years.

We are living in an age where we have more intelligence, technology and resources than ever before, yet we remain unable to solve the major societal problems that we have collectively co-created and in many…

Conscious leadership is about building truly human organizations and creating cultures where humans can thrive and be fulfilled so they can contribute at their full potential.

I recently watched a Ted talk from Tim Leberecht which deeply inspired me. Here is a summary of what I learned from Tim from his talk.

In the business world, most leaders have lost sight of the importance of the emotional and social aspects of the work.

It is predicted that in the next 20 years, half the workforce will be replaced by hardware and software. Many leaders believe that machines are more efficient…

In our life. we have all have an opportunity to make a difference if we honour our values and are willing to take a stand for them.

What do you stand for? What are you willing to take a stand for, even if many people don’t agree with you, many will laugh at you and some may try to ridicule you.

When we look back at history, all the people that have really made an impact on society were willing to take a stand. They we willing to stand for something important that they valued and they demonstrated courage against…

Stephane Leblanc

CEO, International Centre for Conscious Leadership

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