Dear PRs. Yours sincerely, Bloggers

A letter from bloggers everywhere to the PRs of the world who just can’t get it right…

Dear PRs. Yours sincerely, Bloggers

This letter is from bloggers everywhere to the PRs of the world who just can’t get it right. These are not the thoughts of an individual blogger, they are that of a community united…

Dear PRs…

Use my name

My real name; not my blog name, my Twitter name and certainly not “dear blogger.” I am more likely to respond if you have taken the time to learn my name. You wouldn’t say “hello party guest” to a friend at a party so why do it online.

Look at my blog

Take time to get to know me and I will take time get to know you and your brand. Look at my about me page, read a few of my blogs; this way you won’t pitch me fashion stories when I live in my gym clothes or invite to a workout class when all I want to do is eat ice cream.

Don’t stalk me

Give me time to breath, if you send me a product or ask me to do something don’t hound me. I might need time to try something out or I might just be having a busy week, I don’t mind a little reminder in fact sometime I need one but one is enough.

Know what you’re pitching

Do you want a review? A sponsored post, a link, event attendance etc. If you are going to go straight in with a pitch from the get go, tell me what it is. That way we can work something out together to get the best for both of us.

Last minute events

Trying to invite me to an event the day of said event just shows I wasn’t a top choice (cry). Take the time to find the perfect influencer for your event and invite them as early as possible so if you do have some extra invitations you can give plenty of warning, because I would probably love to attend.

Don’t be overfamiliar

If you don’t know me don’t use words or phrases you would use with one of your friends. Don’t get me wrong I love friendly polite PRs but sometime there is a line which is crossed way too soon.

If we spend sometime working together and learning from each other I’m sure we can have a relationship that will be great for both of us.

Yours sincerely,



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