Why influencer engagement is falling flat

Everyone is trying their hand at it, but that doesn’t mean to say they are getting it right.

Influencer engagment is the talk of the town, everyone is trying their hand at it, but that doesn’t mean to say they are getting it right. These are the reasons why I think many influncer marketing campaigns are falling flat on their face!

1. It’s Too Transactional

Influencers are given a product, paid and told to write about it, most people will go for it even if they aren’t a huge fan of the brand - this is not indicative of a good brand relationship.

2. Something For Nothing

Influencers receive hundreds of the same old irrelevant press releases asking them to share an “interesting” story with their readers. They don’t have a relationship with the brand and the cold emails with “Dear Blogger” are huge turn off. Food influencers receive beauty releases and beauty influencers who never write/talk about nails receive nail varnish releases. Know your market!

3. Influencers Aren’t All Journalists

People expect content creators to behave the same way as journalists but the fact is they don’t, they haven’t been trained as such. There’s also the fact that influncers have complete creative control over everything they do, they are their own brand.

4. No Research

Your product pops up on 5 blogs and you hand over the check to your PR company with a smile of your face, but are those people influential in your products area? Often not.

5. Numbers

It’s not all about numbers but, often companies or even bloggers themselves will inflate their readership figures to appear larger and more influential than they are. This isn’t to say that this is true in all cases but it happens more than you would think.

6. Looking Obvious

Yes, sponsored posts have to be marked as such but there is a right and wrong way to write them. Churning out a sponsored post like a duplicate of a press release with some keyword links just shows the influencer and the company haven’t spent time coming up with a unique angle.

7. All in a Row

40 blogs run the same story in the same week, or 20 instagram users post the exactly the same thing. Sometimes the blanket approach makes users switch off if the content is too similar, meaning your efforts have been worthless.

How can we change this?

Research, research, research! The first thing everyone must do is extensive brand and influencers research.

Take the time to find influencers who are already talking about your product or service and build relationships with them, these people will become your advocates.

Connect with the right niché influencers for your brand so the post bring real value to your business.

Individually tailor campaigns to meet the needs of both the your brand and the influencers so both parties get the experience they want.

My name is Stephanie Hind — You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram