Being Mindless — Try it out sometime

~the mystic dreamer~
Apr 11 · 4 min read

To me, being mindless means doing some activity that comes without thought, like binging a show or honestly, stuffing my mouth with food.

Often, it’s really quite necessary. Taking breaks. Relaxing.

To have times where I don’t put any pressure on myself to have to use a moment productively.

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Lately, I’ve been learning about the importance of doing nothing. I speak a lot about feeling activated, engaged, using every moment impactfully. Now, I understand that this is impractical and perhaps a bit naive.

Humans only have so much energy, whether it is physical, mental, or spiritual energy.

And this goes for the concentration of that energy. It’s not just hours, but the effort. It could be compared to the energy’s density. If I put in a great deal of effort writing a piece, it’s going to deplete me. This will be the case whether I write that piece in 1 very condensed hour or 5 hours with the same amount of effort more spread out, with less pressure on myself.

I now understand the importance of being mindless.

To allow myself to do whatever I feel like doing, even if it’s not maximizing that moment or “productive”.

Sometimes you need to put on the latest show you’ve been binging and lie there like a log. Let’s take the ”guilty” out of guilty pleasure and call it what it is.

It’s pleasure.

Photo by Joanes Andueza on Unsplash

My friend has been teaching me “Chilling 101”. I don’t make myself feel guilty for it. It is energizing and charging and so very important. My mind works hard, often on overdrive. Do whatever you can to shut it off and give it a break.

I now also try to anticipate and plan in chill time accordingly. If I have a lot coming up, in the next few days, I take the time to rest and honor myself. My good friend Aliyah taught me this, blocking off evenings to do nothing.

Alone time is good for the soul. I would say the same about nothing/mindless time.

I’m learning the value of taking things slower and more dandily.

Living on this pace and rhythm of life almost enables me to see a different side of the world. I have been meeting other people in this alternate dimension, who also live at this pace with me.

And those who are in a faster, go-go-go zone, pass by without a second thought, perhaps thinking I’m a crazy person for stopping every 5 minutes to sing to myself.

Take breaths. Often. And the breaths don’t have to be overt and obvious. Go deep inside yourself. Feel where it feels a little stuck. I’m doing that right now.

Photo by Max van den Oetelaar on Unsplash

At every moment, we are doing our best. Because that’s all we can bring to each moment. Sometimes that means we are leading a grand project and seeing it through and feeling proud and on top of the world. Other times we lie in bed for 4 hours phasing in and out of sleep while Netflix just plays in the background until the end of time. If it’s what’s happening, then it’s what we need. That is our best in that moment.

I give myself permission to be mindless. To not have everything figured out.

In fact, I sort of hope I never have everything figured out. Every time I get closer and closer, I have a reminder that not having things figured out is what gives me a reason to live, to keep working towards.

But not working too hard.

My latest lesson is taking life slowly and dandily, strolling along and paying attention to the sky and trees, stopping to smell flowers, intentionally setting time aside to rest.

Take breaks.

Trusting that things will happen, having faith in the process.
Rest time doesn’t mean things are getting undone and falling apart.
It means I am charging so I can do even more next time I feel the momentum.

It is beautiful, it is necessary. It is healing.
~The Art of Doing Nothing~

I want to share that lesson with you.
I invite you to be mindless ❤

~the mystic dreamer~

Written by

Stephanie Zhu, CMT || Software Engineer ~> Body Engineer || Cannabis Wellness + Reiki || Check me out @ (IG, FB)

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