Cannabis Tells Your Body What it Needs to Heal

~the mystic dreamer~

Some people say that weed makes them sleepy. To them, I ask, how much sleep did you get last night?

Even if you do end up passing out, you will probably feel better because sleep is the most nourishing thing you can do for your body.

Munchies? What was your last meal? Have you gotten all your nutrients, salts, fats, protein, everything your body needs in a complete and nourishing meal?

Weed actually curbs my appetite, because I can binge quite a lot and indulge heavily in rich, decadent foods. My good friend weed tells me, “Stop eating! You’re full” when my mind isn’t listening to my belly.

This is a theory I’ve had for a while now, and every person I’ve tested it on says it rings true for them.

The body is a miraculous, powerful healing machine. During massage school, I learned all about anatomy and the underlying processes that are going on all the time while your body heals and fixes itself.

If you’re into anatomy, check out The Fuzz Theory by Gil Hedley. Through this quick video, you’ll learn that your body is literally always laying down new connective tissue (that is why collagen is important, it’s what the connective tissue is made of).

Your body WANTS to heal, always.

Sometimes your mind gets in the way, like when you perpetuate a narrative “I have this pain, I’ve always had this pain, and I will always have this pain.”

By recognizing and realizing that this is a false story that you are telling yourself, you can break out of the pattern of pain and encourage healing.

I like to use hypnosis while I sleep, and one that I love is “Heal Your Body While You Sleep”.

Back to weed. It connects us with the Earth, the ultimate healer. Look at how well the Earth has done over millions of years and through “disasters”, perpetuating its strong will to create new life. To survive, and thrive.

There are so many techniques and ways to heal, and it inspired me to become a certified massage therapist to become a healer and help others discover their own path of healing

(Check out my healing offerings @

The true goal is to help every person unlock their own healing from within.

Cannabis comes into play here.

It speaks to your soul through the vehicle of a plant that comes to you, pure and unadulterated from the earth.

I believe in the power of all plants to instigate healing, as well as mushrooms.

Mother Earth knows how to heal. Look at the way plants proliferate and have such a strong will to survive. We are creatures of the Earth too, we have this power within us. When we intake plants, we are reminded of this healing power, this strong will to survive and thrive.

Eat plants, engage with cannabis, take a walk in the forest.

Connect with the world through plants.

Heal the Earth, and heal yourself ❤

~the mystic dreamer~

Written by

Stephanie Zhu || Healer, Writer. Software Engineer ~> Body Engineer. Check me out @themysticdreamer.

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