I Don’t Numb My Pain, I Use It To Learn About My Body

~the mystic dreamer~
May 4 · 5 min read

Next time you are in pain, change your instinct away from “I must go to the doctor immediately”. Trust in your body’s healing ability.

Pain is a sensor that gets triggered in or body. It is used to inform and tell us something.

As a massage therapist, I am constantly exploring the bounds of my body in order to understand the whole spectrum of human experiences. In order to help others heal, I need to understand what there is to heal from. I see pain as an opportunity to learn about your body.

Photo by Oleg Ivanov on Unsplash

My latest lesson of pain? Tooth troubles. Don’t get me started on modern day dentistry.

The whole system of drilling out enamel and filling it with artificial fake stuff that looks like teeth? I think it’s a money-making scheme.

And it’s evil too, because people are left with fake teeth that won’t serve them forever. Many dentists casually fail to mention the fact that enamel can grow back, as can receding gums with proper care and diet.

I don’t trust dentists…

I’m mad. I feel jipped and cheated by all the dentists I’ve gone to in the past. Sorry to actual honorable dentists out there.

Throughout my childhood, I’ve probably had about 25 diagnosed cavities that “required” fillings. And falling prey to the doctor-patient power dynamic, my parents and I would always give them the go-ahead to “drill ’em and fill ‘em.”

Because of that, I’m left with a mouth full of fake teeth. And I know that fillings aren’t a truly lasting solution, because I’ve gotten cavities underneath my fillings before, which require me to get that filling removed, getting that underlying cavity drilled away, and filling it some more.

In addition, the actual experiences of getting them filled were traumatizing. Every time a drill goes near my mouth, it felt so wrong and gave me chills down my spine. I would have to get 3 or 4 anesthesia shots each time because my body overrided it, knowing the whole time that what was happening was completely wrong and unnatural.

Photo by Nhia Moua on Unsplash

Enough with the fillings. No more drilling away my precious tooth enamel.

A quick Google search of “remineralizing teeth” or “cavity healing diet” will show countless results of others having the same revelations.

I curse my dentists because I thought it was too(th) late. Looking at my teeth in the mirror, all I see are these cursed fillings. But it’s not too late. It’s never too late.

Tooth enamel can grow back with proper diet and care.

I changed some things up.

  1. No more processed foods
  2. No more refined sugar
  3. No more “white foods”, and limit the nuts, seeds, and wheat.

They are good for you, but they contain phytic acid, which unfortunately binds with the minerals needed to remineralize teeth, such as calcium and phosphorus, stealing resources away. So for now, no nuts for me.

Instead, I eat fish, grass-fed animal products, healthy fats, leafy greens, and vegetables.

Foods high in healthy fatty acids, such as sardines and avocados complemented with lots of dark, leafy greens, which contain the highest concentrations of vitamins and minerals. Vegetables contain a lot of these, such as broccoli and Brussels sprouts. (I’ve been looking forward to buttery garlic Brussels sprouts all day) Beets contain great antioxidants and get blood flowing.

I’ve also supplemented my diet with calcium pills and fish oil pills, with my meals in the morning and with my meals at night.

Grass-fed animal products bring the nutrients from the earth through the animal’s system to you, with the added benefit of the nutrients from the animal itself. Bone broth, butter, kefir, dairy from grass-fed cows, and actual meat.

Photo by Alex on Unsplash

Oral care is important too.

Brush after eating. I don’t allow things to linger in my mouth, to potentially feed the bad bacteria. I always floss, even if I don’t feel stuff stuck between my teeth. Exposing the bacteria to air with the floss will kill it.

Oil pull first thing in the morning and after my last meal at night. I use sesame oil, swishing with it for 10–20 minutes. It feels like it does the best job of really pulling toxins out.

Use remineralizing tooth products; that Google search earlier should leave you with quite a good list. (I like Uncle Harry’s.)

Finally, I give myself breaks between eating, and let myself drool/become a slobbery saliva monster. The saliva carries the minerals (from your cavity healing diet) from your body into your mouth and coats your teeth with it. Whenever I have a deep sleep full of drool, I feel good about how nourishing that sleep was, both for my body and for my mouth.

It’s been a journey back to good oral health for me.

And I’m still on it. I reckon I will be on this journey for some time, and it is something I’m going to have to live with.

Photo by Brian Patrick Tagalog on Unsplash

Some people get their fillings removed, and this might be something I consider some day. But for now, I’m learning to work with my mouth and my body to find a happy equilibrium.

This process is a learning experience for me, and I now know the importance of eating animal products and healthy fats to rebuild our own strength and bones (I once had a stint as a raw vegan).

I’m on a quest to becoming a healer, and this means that I must suffer to truly understand and empathize with the healing that needs to happen in this world. Embracing all the pain allows me to learn and grow.

I will survive, I tell myself.
I will thrive.

Thank you, universe, for your endless challenges and lessons.

Your pain only defines you if you let it.

You are strong. You are a warrior.

You will survive and you will thrive.

p.s. To learn more ways to get to know your body and heal from inside out, consider attending Zenergy Bar’s Eat + Stretch Wellness Gathering on May 19th in San Francisco. Complete with a cacao ceremony, a class that tests the physical and mental bounds of your relationship with your body, and a nourishing vegan brunch, you will walk away accessing a new level of body awareness.

~the mystic dreamer~

Written by

Stephanie Zhu, CMT || Software Engineer ~> Body Engineer || Cannabis Wellness + Reiki || Check me out @ themysticdreamer.com (IG, FB)

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