My UTI Taught Me to Listen to My Body (+ Natural Remedies for UTIs)

~Scroll to bottom for natural remedies and tips to combat your UTI~

My body has been under attack for some time. I’ve had a urinary tract infection, and I began by treating it homeopathically with garlic and oregano essential oil, essentially becoming a human pizza. Then, I escalated to antibiotics. From this experience, I learned so much about my body, my mind, and myself.

Our bodies are temples. Be conscious of what you put into yours. Mind may tell you that you want just one more scoop of that indulgent ice cream, but body will warble angrily a couple hours later.

There is a clear dissonance between mind and body.

Body moves at a slower rate than Mind. Mind moves fast; it will swirl, ruminate, and fabricate fictitious tales that are convincing but often times based on assumptions. Body takes it slow. It is what it is, and it takes time to (literally) digest and understand that. Mind tries to fill in the blanks with what could be and what if’s, while body speaks the truth. Loudly.

Image by Marvin Meyer

Step one was learning to listen to my body over mind. My body was in a battle, fighting the infection desperately. My mind tried to keep my body going at its normal rate, filling my schedule with activities and eating whatever it said I wanted (looking at you, sugar and dairy). But I found myself weak and exhausted. My mind was not its acute, aware self. My body was not getting better.

Body was trying to tell me, “I’m tired. I’m under attack. Please give me a break and nurture me.”

I was unable to function as a normal human being for two weeks. I attributed it to external things: getting my period, going through big life changes. But this is the mind again, playing its illusory games and making excuses.

When I stopped my mind from talking over my body, I finally heard it. I felt it. There was a throbbing in my urethra. As much as I felt like I was treating my UTI, I was not being diligent enough. I started to get slightly better and got cocky. I was still eating sugar and dairy and not giving myself proper time to rest.

Once I heard my body, I could not ignore its pleas any longer.

I began to diligently nurture my body. My days started with intermittent fasts to allow my body to focus on cleansing and healing, followed by ingesting oregano essential oil 3 times a day with an abundance of water. I also worked inside my body, practicing fully belly breathing and directing that breath to the area of infection to imagine literally pushing the infection out of me.

I resisted my tricky mind that tried to convince me I want, nay, NEED sugar. Finally, I massaged my bladder, just above my pubic bone, to get blood flowing there and stroke downward to push the infection out. This imagery was powerful and helped me channel the energy within me. While doing all this, I said “Be gone, devil!”

I believe in the power of homeopathic healing medicines, as long as it is complemented with diligence and strong will.

The infection was nearly gone. My natural remedies and breathwork were healing me, and the only throbbing I felt now was at the very tip of my urethra, ready for its grand exit.

But then, I was shocked when I felt the infection flare back up, in my bladder. My body cried for help, and I cried with it, worrying I had irreversibly damaged my body by being stubborn. It was time to go nuclear. I immediately went to get antibiotics.

After the fact, I remembered that I had gotten into a hot tub over the weekend, and forgot that that would aggravate the infection. Oops…

In the end, it was a tough battle, but I came out on top with some new tools to add to my arsenal.

Everything happens for a reason. I firmly believe this, and whether or not there is some divine force plotting everything, it’s a useful tool to apply to every situation. It helps me draw lessons from everything and better myself in the process.

I learned deep, full belly breathing to silence my mind and to harness breath as medicine. I learned to channel my breath to certain areas in my body, to fight the war going on inside. I learned to truly feel the sensations in my body and listen to it. It’s hard to hear things if you’re not listening.

I also learned that modern medicine exists for a reason. I would still equate antibiotics to a nuclear bomb, but sometimes, this is necessary. There is a reason why our society has been successful and people no longer die because of untreated infections mutating into something worse. The universe forced me to learn this lesson, and I will carry it with me. Antibiotics aren’t the devil, after all.

I am grateful for this experience.

This experience has taught me such an invaluable lesson that I will carry with me. Find comfort in discomfort. I strive to always tune into my body, listen what it is saying, and honor it. A sound mind and peaceful spirit will follow.

So there you have it. Your body speaks. Sit down, turn off your mind television, and listen to it.

Things you can do to combat those bad, bad bacterias in your body:
1. Cut out sugar and dairy. Be diligent about this.
2. Cranberry juice and D-Mannose. The latter is a naturally derived sugar that picks up those evil bacterias and pries their grippy claws off the walls of your urethra, so you can flush them out when you pee.
3. Essential Oils — Oregano + DoTerra’s OnGuard. Oregano is one of the strongest EO’s. It’s basically a natural antibiotic. Take about 3–4 drops in water in the morning and at night. Drink tons of water after to get those bacteria-killing oils moving through your body to your urethra ASAP. Warning you, it is stro-o-o-ong.
4. Probiotics. If you take antibiotics, oregano oil or otherwise, you are killing all bacteria in your body, good and bad. Make sure to replenish your belly with the good bacteria about 6 hours after or right in between the doses.
5. Intermittent fasting. Wait 12–16 hours after your last meal (sleep time can be included in this count). Give your body time to do autophagy, when it basically eats its own cells in order to regulate and cleanse itself.
6. Deep breathing. Channel your breath. Take a full inhale of delicious, life-giving air. Hold it, and allow that breath to flow to all the parts of your body that need it. Become aware of where that breath is inside your body, and then send it to your pelvis/urethra. Visualize using the breath to push the bad guys out. But don’t push too hard, I overexerted myself this way.
7. Cleanse often. This one was harder for me to realize. My friends know this, but I don’t shower or wash my hair that often. I want to let my body learn to regulate itself and produce its own oils, instead of stripping it clean and making it start from scratch every day. But this is a special scenario. When the bacteria exited my body through my pee, some could get left at the urethra entrance and extend its stay in my poor body. Alternate between hot and cold in the shower to get your blood flowing, cleaning out old damaged cells and bringing in healthy new ones.
8. Uva Ursi Leaf — HerbPharm’s Urinary System Support Tincture. This was the real winner, complemented with no sugar or dairy. I took this tincture between meals, about 5 times a day. I put one dropper full in about 4oz of water, drank that, and then drank an abundance of water after. Make sure to take this between meals, because food will just get in the way of your body getting everything out. Warning: it will make your lips dry. It sends all the water straight to your bladder, and then you pee to flush it out. Basically you become a human toilet. (ew, but necessary to say au revoir once and for all)
9. Antibiotics. I am very anti-antibiotic, and the fact that I had to use these really showed how last-resort this situation got. But I took these at a bad time, when things were rough in my life and I couldn’t resist binging on sugar… They did significant damage to the bacterias, but because I wasn’t diligent, they didn’t manage to kill them all. In the future, I will definitely go to antibiotics sooner because UTI’s are no fun and could escalate to more grave problems like a kidney infection. I understand now why people don’t die of dysentery anymore! (Oregon Trail reference, anyone??)

~the mystic dreamer~

Written by

Stephanie Zhu, CMT || Software Engineer ~> Body Engineer || Cannabis Wellness + Reiki || Check me out @ (IG, FB)

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