The Age of Goji

~the mystic dreamer~
Oct 4 · 3 min read

On the Playa at Burning Man, I am Goji.

Off the Playa in life, I am still Goji. Why not embody those qualities that make me feel free and uninhibited to be whoever I want to be all the time?

Me at a festival, before unlocking Goji

Burning (Wo)man is such a special magical place.

The missing piece of it? In my humble opinion, it is INTEGRATiON.

Stay tuned, I got some tips for you. The values and principles that come along with attending are so worthy of becoming part of our everyday lives… so why don’t they?

Why don’t we bring our own cups everywhere we go?

Why don’t we “MOOP” our world? (Matter out of Place = picking up any trash you see)

Why don’t we feel free to radically express ourselves at all times?

Why don’t we activate more often, more easily, and opt into completely random, new experiences that push us outside of our comfort zones?

People are allured to Black Rock City because of the person they can unleash there, and only there. So they think…

We get Playa names, which help to capture the image of our Burning Man persona, the one that is free to be.

By keeping two dramatically different sides of us so distinct, are we somewhat encouraging bipolar personalities?

Something to think about…

Photo by Max Hoffman

I love Burning (Wo)Man and other festivals because they empower me.

I love the side of me that is unleashed, that feels blissfully happy simply by existing and being present among others in that same positive, high vibration mindset.

I’ve learned so much at festivals as well.
One of my favorites, Lightning in a Bottle, has introduced me to both yin and kundalini yoga. Don’t even get me started on the Learning Kitchen there. I basically post up and live there, learning how to make my own nut milk, how to forage and cook with weeds, Ayurveda cooking, and more.

The key to integration is reflecting first and foremost.

Then, if it is something actionable, that must be followed by implementation.

Reflection is huge.

I journal like a mad woman at festivals (and in general), reliving memories as vividly as possible. This helps to fortify the memories in your mind (quite literally, have been learning about this through “The Mind, Explained” on Netflix).

I pause and very intentionally meditate to thoroughly relive memories: the joy, the pain, the colors, the sights, the scents, as many crisp and vivid details as I can possibly reconjure.

Another practice that helps me integrate is focusing on myself. I was a key part of making the experience so dense, rich, and magical. Let’s unpack that a little.

What were the qualities of me that I loved? I list each one out, even if it feels redundant.

Even if I never read that paper again, I’ve done some work in strengthening and reinforcing those qualities in myself simply by acknowledging them.

(but it is pretty fun to go back and re-read them and feel awesome, hehe)

xoxo Goji

Photo by Matt Wong

p.s. Come join me on Saturday, October 12th from 4:20–7pm in East Bay at Desire Weed Tours. Think winery tour, but classy cannabis version. It’s the next frontier of cannabis’ evolution, stepping into its new reputation as a profound healing plant. ;)

~the mystic dreamer~

Written by

Stephanie Zhu, CMT || Software Engineer ~> Body Engineer || Cannabis Wellness + Reiki || Check me out @ (IG, FB)

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