The Future of Health is Knowing YOUR Body

~the mystic dreamer~
Feb 21 · 4 min read

It is up to every person to take charge of their healing and their destiny.
The two are intertwined.

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We all suffer.

We all experience life and the ups, downs, and mediums it throws at us.

We need to find our own personal tools, customized to healing our own bodies. It is futile to perpetually be looking to others for them to tell you what to do and how to heal. Others know how to heal themselves, and they can offer great wisdom. But the final piece of the puzzle can only be unlocked by yourself.

Stop what you’re doing and have a conversation with yourself.

How do I do this?
~Maybe even eating something that upsets your tummy. Whatever it takes to listen to your body.

Perhaps you don’t have these tools yet…

Luckily, health and wellness are more than just a trend. Wellness retreats, mindfulness classes, and integrative health content are popping up everywhere. Attend a week-long getaway focused on your health and wellbeing, complete with yoga or another movement healing class, sound bathing and visuals for ambiance, and nourishing plant-based foods.

Photo by Brandon Wilson on Unsplash

But maybe these getaways aren’t accessible for you.

That’s understandable. Not everyone wants to use their precious vacation days on this, instead of getting an eye-opening perspective by traveling to another country.

As healing as that is, these wellness gatherings are a different form of healing. They offer an introduction into the healing power you hold within yourself at all times, that you have access to without moving.

Tapping into your senses to get out of a spiraling mind abyss

Some people have never encountered this sort of thing before, and have not even dipped a toe in the wellness lake.

That’s why Zenergy Bar is throwing a series of day or weekend events in San Francisco and around the Bay Area, to bring the healing in short bursts to you.

These wellness gatherings will incorporate many aspects of health that touch the mind, body, and spirit. They will offer a great exposure into these worlds, plus a starter pack of tools to take charge of your own health, from the inside out.

The aim is for you to walk away, feeling refreshed and knowing yourself a little better.

Knowing how to properly breathe and give yourself a dose of nourishing, life-giving breath. Knowing what foods to put into your body that make you feel fueled and energized, and not weighed down and heavy.

These are some of the goals of Zenergy Bar’s wellness gatherings.

Learn healing tools you have access to at any time. The intention of experiences like these are not to steal your money, keep you reliant and coming back (but feel free to if you like the vibe ❤)

They are to empower and inspire you to take charge of your own health and therefore, your destiny. When people are their happiest and high vibrational selves, they are activated and motivated. They are ready to listen to their heart and do what it says. Otherwise, you might ignore your heart for so long that it starts to silence itself.

Zenergy Bar will be throwing a series of events that promote values of healing movement, healing food and tonics, and healing sensations like sounds and visuals.

These will be held around the Bay Area and will be accessible & affordable.

There are amazing resources out there and ways to start to dive into healing right this moment. But there is nothing quite like a physical immersion into this world to kick-start your journey. The learning from an experience like that is more inspiring, more concentrated, and more impactful.

Tickle all of your senses and get to know your body in so many different ways.

Everything you learn in life will serve you, whether you realize it in the moment or it pops up as a lesson later.

Suffering is really an opportunity to get to know yourself a little better. I consider myself having made a fair amount of progress on my personal quest to heal my mind, body, and spirit.

But, I still find myself suffering and having fallbacks. In these times, I give myself grace, and see it instead as a blessed opportunity. They are always a great wake up call to remember where I came from, and the habits I have abandoned and left behind.

If I can achieve this level of healing, then I know every single person holds that same healing power within them and can do the same.

We’re going to wake this world up to the healing that they need.
Every person will be empowered to take charge of their health.

Let’s get woke.

~the mystic dreamer~

Written by

Stephanie Zhu, CMT || Software Engineer ~> Body Engineer || Cannabis Wellness + Reiki || Check me out @ (IG, FB)

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