Here’s what a day as a working mom in a tech start up looks like, for real
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Thanks for sharing your story. After working part-time for the first two years of my daughter’s life I recently started back full-time. My husband and I are still trying figure out the balance of our weekly routine so I am always interested to see how other people do it. Unfortunately, my husband works long hours at a start-up and leaves around 6:45 am before my daughter wakes up and returns between 7 and 8pm most nights sometimes later and often having to work after he gets home. This leaves me responsible for everything in between. I wake up around 6 to get ready for my work day. My daughter is up at 7/730. We are out the door by 8. I pick her up around 6pm. We have a quick dinner and play until bedtime around 8/8:30. It is quite a long day for me. I am trying to be support of my husband’s career (what about mine?), but since he has less flexibility then I do and works longer hours it really can’t be helped that I am flying solo most days. He requests to leave early a night or two a week, but not consistently. I have to say I am quite envious of your normal work schedule and co-parenting. By the end of the week I am so exhausted — we all are. How do you relax at the evenings? Do you find time to work out or have alone time?

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