Makers for Global Good

8-year old John and his fellow teammates, who worked together to create a bookcase with motorized shelves. Credit: TOM

Why Now?

Making empowers communities.

Makers design with the user.

Gracie, Addie and Lorraine worked together to develop a customized key holder to make it easier for Lorraine to use the key to her room. Credit: Rich Lehrer

Makers are not new to problem solving.

Removing the mold to create a BioSand filter in Bangladesh. Credit: OHorizons

Makers build on each others success.

Listening to the fetal heartbeat of a young woman in Selang, Nepal. Credit: Field Ready
The 3D printed fetoscope and the wooden versions designed and developed locally in Nepal. Credit: Field Ready


How You Can Help

  • Partner or volunteer with us on the Makers for Global Good Summit and MAKE: IMPACT at Bay Area Maker Faire by submitting your info here.
  • Submit a project to be a part of MAKE: IMPACT at the Maker Faire Website.
  • Sponsor or host a local makeathon focused on tackling specific challenges and develop a strategy for supporting the continued development of the most promising projects afterwards. Make for the Planet focuses on bringing together scientists and makers to confront environmental conservation issues.
  • Create micro-grants or competitions to help makers take their prototypes to the next level. Infy Maker Awards, hosted by Infosys Foundation USA provides $10,000 to makers working on social impact projects.
  • Connect makers to organizations that can help them test and scale their innovations with a broader group of users in the field, such as USAID’s Development Innovation Ventures program.
  • Engage K-12 students in more hands-on service learning opportunities driven by real-world problems around them.

Former Senior Advisor for Making at the White House in the Obama Administration and lover of all things DIY

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Stephanie Santoso

Stephanie Santoso

Former Senior Advisor for Making at the White House in the Obama Administration and lover of all things DIY

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