Creating positive project handoff experiences are important for the long-term success of a new brand or marketing initiative.

A project handoff is a make-or-break moment for clients. It sets the tone for future implementation and can define what type of relationship you and your client will have in the future. Have a negative project handoff and you may leave clients feeling uneasy or lost. Have a positive project handoff and they’ll be excited to take the reins and feel grateful for having you as a partner.

In this article, we’ll define some simple principles for creating a positive project handoff…

A part-time course is an excellent way to kick start a new career or explore a burgeoning passion. Here are some frequently asked questions about General Assembly’s part time courses.

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A few years ago, I was looking to make a change in my career in strategic branding and marketing. I wanted a more strategic and hands-on role than what was my current role as account executive had to offer me. But, it was rare for me to meaningfully contribute to strategy and design concepts or to architect user journey maps that fascinated me so. With little opportunities inside my own…

A personal reflection on choosing to embrace agile, how to evaluate Scrum certification courses, and what value being a Professional Scrum Master has brought to my day-to-day job. This article was originally published on

Professional certifications have become increasingly popular in this age of career switchers and the freelance gig economy. A certification can be a useful way to advance your skill set quickly or make your resume stand out, which can be especially important for those trying to break into a new industry or attract business while self-employed. …

Speed up your team’s process of locating project materials with an organizational system they’ll actually use — a project wiki.

There are a zillion tools out there, built to help keep project teams and material organized. It’s easy to get bogged down in a sea of shared documents, all living in separate places. Even when a filing system exists, remembering where information is stored can be exhausting. Is it in Google Drive? Did someone share that with me in Slack? Or maybe it was posted in Basecamp? …

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Going “agile” can be overwhelming. Even harder: finding a methodology that’s right for your team. There are so many choices when it comes to agile frameworks and each comes with its own set of roles and workflows. There are two frameworks, however, that crop up most often: Scrum and Kanban.

In many ways, these approaches are very similar. They both require work to move through a flow to ensure focus on a certain milestone or goal, they emphasis self-organization and autonomy among the team, and they both work best with regular and open communication…

A product review of Whimsical, web-based visualization application.

Visual communication is one of the most effective ways to convey a message. Symbols and images can easily replace the need for wordy presentation slides. A diagram can distill a complicated relationship or series of actions into bite-size, digestible portions. In my office, I’ve become known for sequestering whiteboards, chart paper, sticky notes — anything I can get my hands on to map out and organize my thoughts. This process of streamlining information and finding its hidden simplicity is a joy like no other. Recreating my visual masterpieces however, not so much.

It’s coming up on a year since I moved to North Carolina to close the long-distance gap with my boyfriend. But, closing that gap also meant creating another. Several others. Staying connected with friends and family has always been a huge priority for me, and now with a couple hundreds of miles between me and them, it’s even more important. While I’d love to literally pull the earth that separates us closer towards me, being further away has taught me so much about what makes loving someone, and being loved, so special.

1. Marathon phone calls to recount weeks worth…

There are many different management styles of project management and each comes with their own upsides and challenges. Project managers hold the unique position of balancing client expectations with internal implementation. The way you approach that challenge can directly impact how you and your team deliver the work. Consider what your management style is and how to leverage its strengths for your next project.

The Perfectionist // The devil is in the details.

Striving for perfection is core to a project manager’s position and, a journey most maddening. The idea that a client’s need will be the same on day 1 as it is on launch day is a…

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