CNA Week #6

Here’s why Nevada was Trump country

This week was the Nevada Republican Caucus and Donald Trump took away with the win. Republicans in Nevada said that they respected Trump because he was a doer and acted on what he said. He seemed to fit the mold that they were looking for, most of them being libertarian-leaning voters. He led by more that 20 percent over Marco Rubio.

In a polarizing 2016, moderate voters are on the decline

Democrats have been identifying themselves as leaning more and more towards the left and that is why Hilary Clinton is running further to the left than she did in her previous campaign. Democrats have room to grab more moderates, but they have been crowding out. They can continue to run more towards the left or a moderate candidate could run against them to reshape who turns out. Donald Trump, for example, is a lot less conservative than the other candidates in his party and he is winning more votes from the less conservative voters.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott endorses Ted Cruz for president

This Texas governor has given Ted Cruz an advantage back in his home state by endorsing him for president. Gov. Greg Abbott and Ted Cruz worked together on a professional level back in Texas in various roles involving the Texas’s solicitor general and the state’s attorney general. Cruz is now backed by various politicians from Texas. With political figures encouraging the people of their state to vote for Cruz, it will be interesting to see if they will step up to the plate and help him win the Republican nomination for their state.

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