CNA Week #7

Kam Chancellor wanted to check out a gym, but employees called cops

Kam Chancellor is a football player for the Seattle Seahawks. He was looking into possibly investing into a gym. The two current owners of the gym got nervous and called 911. Kam hadn’t done anything wrong so the situation worked itself out.

The oldest Chicago Cub is using his baseball bat as a cane

David Ross, 38, is the oldest player on the Chicago Cubs and he is making the most and taking advantage of this title. Ross is entering his final season as a professional baseball player for the Cubs and is making a statement about his retirement. He posted a video pretending to walk around while using his baseball bat as a cane to support him.

Ivy coaches want to eliminate tackling in practices

Ivy league coaches have brought up the proposal that full-on tackling should not be used in practices any longer. Coaches unanimously approved this proposal, but the athletic directors of the schools still have to approve the idea. The main goal behind this elimination would be to lessen the chances of players receiving concussions in practice or other injuries.