Lead Homework 1

BOE Meeting

Who: Hattiesburg Board of Education

What: Meeting to discuss changes and new rules in schools

When: This morning (meeting)

How: Enacting new rules

Why: Enrollment dropped by 200 students and they don’t want it to continue to drop

Lead: The Hattiesburg Board of Education accepted new rules for schools proposed by administration and will be enacted in schools in order to avoid a decrease in enrollment.

Faculty in Plane Crash

Who: Two university professors (escaped safely) 5 people out of 45 aboard(killed)

What: Plane crash on takeoff

Where: Kennedy International Airport

When: Thursday night

Lead: A plane crashed during takeoff at Kennedy International airport and, although there were 45 passengers aboard the plane, only five were killed and two escaped unharmed.

Meeman Speaks

Who: Norman Meeman

What: Spoke to English students about writing and how to learn about how other people live

Where: William Oxley Thomson Memorial Library

When: 4:30 p.m. on Sunday

How: He won a Pulitzer Prize for his book and was respected among English students

Lead: Pulitzer Prize winner, Norman Meeman, spoke out to English students at a library about being a good writer and how to sample life.

Professor Wins Award

Who: The Freedom Foundation at Valley Forge & Clement Crabtree, a professor of horticulture

What: Annual George Washington Honor Medal winners

Where: Pennsylvania

When: Last week

Why: Crabtree wrote an essay urging the distribution of free packets of flower seeds in foreign nations

Lead: After writing an essay urging the distribution of free packets of flower seeds in foreign nations, professor Clement Crabtree was awarded a George Washington Honor Medal from The Freedom Foundation at Valley Forge.

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