What is “Good Writing”?

When writing an article in a newspaper or a post for an online blog, it is crucial to have good writing. Good writing is able to draw your audience in and keep them interested in whatever it is that you are writing. A good writer needs to be able to tell a story truthfully and unbiased for a news article, for example.

Writing should be able to communicate stories in a way that the reader is able to understand what event took place and interpret the information in their own way. An example of bad writing would be a biased article that was published by Fox News on the Republican candidate, Donald Trump. Fox News has received criticism for being partial the right wing conservatives and there is proof of this in articles that have been published on their website. In these articles, Fox only shares positive points for one candidate and ignores to mention facts about other candidates, making them look worse than “their” candidate. This is not an example of good writing because it is biased and does not present information about a topic equally.

It is important for writers to give their audience the option to have a voice and make conclusions for themselves. Good writing simply states the information without influencing the audience to think one specific thing about a topic. It is also able to make the information intriguing without just publishing a list of facts of what occurred. Good writers are becoming more and more rare and it is important for future journalists to strive to be fair and balanced.

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