Feedbac, Why do I need to become a Reflective Practitioner

What is a reflective practitioner ?

Firstly lets identify that before we go in to too much detail and you lose interest.A reflective practitioner can be defined as one who goes back and reviews their work regularly as well as the process and ways that it can be improved. So the reason for being a reflective practitioner for anyone is to ensure that your work is constantly being improved and reaching its full potential. Contrary to this the reason I would become a reflective practitioner is to constantly improve my skills and abilities , learn from my mistakes ,experiences and to simply gain further knowledge and continuously gain insight as there is definitely always room for improvement. Especially as a primary school teacher in training i need to make sure that I am teaching the right and proper skills that kids will learn from and take with them as they go through school.

I aspire to become a great teacher and that involves becoming a great reflective practitioner , reason being that my work can become more unique.By becoming a reflective practitioner I would need to efficiently and effectively analyse and critique my work and also be open to feedback and opinions,definitely both positive and negative as from there i would be able to reflect on the responses and improve further so that my work can reach its full potential. Because we all know sometimes we can just lose track of what were talking about and completely shift on to something that doesn’t even make sense , yes ,I’m guilty of doing this i’ll admit it.

The reason for having feedback is to essentially improve my work as it will be compared to others which is a strong positive as I would be able to interpret how others are going about certain things and understand if I am possibly going off track or misinterpreting the instructions. Therfor being a reflective practitioner would make these issues identifiable and i can recognise where I went wrong.

Although being a reflective practitioner isn’t necessarily about just critiquing work but also learning new skills and capabilities that I will be able to use in the future when becoming a primary teacher, as ill be capable of identifying when a student is maybe not completely understanding the question or not really reading over their complete work so that I will be able to help them strive to do the best they can be and do all that they are capable of.

In an article that I previously it discusses one of Neil Thompson’s Books “People Skills” . In this article it outlined points that individuals can definitely use to assist them in becoming a great reflective practitioner such as; Read,Ask,Watch,Feel,Talk,Think. The idea of talk strikes me as I feel the step that would help me the most is discussing it with others,sharing the ideas we have,getting immediate feedback on them and also expressing my thoughts out loud , that way i can learn where I’m going wrong or even where I should experiment more.

Therfor I believe that becoming a reflective practitioner is definitely a skill that I will strive for as it’s not just for the present time at university ,although it’s for the long term in the future as I will strongly improve my capabilities and that will help me become the best teacher I can be and a great teacher that kids deserve.

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