Feedback and re-write

Why do I need to manage my project design and implementation?

I am currently undertaking creating a digital project along with 3 other peers as we create an app for children to use to essentially get them active and reinvent the use of technology for a purpose that will assist them in the future as known that children now days don’t really do any outdoor activities or a lot of sports as they used to. I know when i was a kid all i wanted to do was be outside playing soccer ,running around or play on the trampoline for hours. However that is not the case these days , unfortunately some kids would just rather stay inside on their iPad all day, doesn’t really sound all that fun to me.Majority of kids use are using technology for a variety of different reasons.

Therefore by inventing an app that will make us rethink how we can use technology for a better and more purposeful use especially one that can help children learn about fitness and health which will help in the future as it is a very significant issue. My group and I would need to effectively manage our project design and implementation constantly as we can always think of new improvement and addition to further the apps benefits , as well as finding new ways on how we can present the app.

We have tested out a variety of different resources to create our app as well as different ways of presenting the entire idea , possibly different to an app.We have constantly been altering our project design as we have been identifying new additions that will benefit the app. For instance we initially had the idea to just have a variety of workouts that they can access whenever they wanted, however we then got to thinking that it could become boring so why not add an avatar as a personal trainer, one that they can create themselves and this avatar can motivate them each day and do the workouts with them as they jump from level to level , each level giving them more rewards to access.

When implementing our idea for the digital product we need to be aware of our resources that are available to us, possibly branching out to social media to seek any ideas of resources that may be beneficial to us as well the time that we have to complete the project and also need to be able to identify any issues the may arise and ways that we can solve them. For example the softwares we are using may not work or may crash when we try to use them , therefore we need to be backing up everything we are doing so that we do not lose our work.

Managing my project and design implementation is extremely important as we needs to consider our design process and keep referring back to it to identify our changes, if any. Therefore this is a major step when undertaking this project and will have my group and my selves full attention.

feedback from Steph