Our first post and a few great pet-friendly spots

Alright, so it’s about time I started posting about some of our culinary adventures. Auggie is a Cocker Spaniel we adopted almost three months ago.

Here he is on the day we picked him up.

Since the very first day we met, Auggie and I have been inseparable. Which is why I found a pet-friendly co-working space where he and I could go to work together.

IMPAQTO (co-working space)

Moscú N34–95 y República de El Salvador

Here’s Auggie hard at work 😁

As happy as I am bringing him to work and having my furry bud by my side, it has been an adjustment. Especially because the pet-friendly spaces around the city are limited.

This situation inspired us (Auggie and I) to post about the best dog friendly spots we find.

Since both Auggie and I are foodies, we will be mainly posting about great places to eat around our hometown, Quito (but not limited to the city limits).

We love ethnic food. We are also health and budget conscious. We are committed to finding the best places to eat and their best dishes.


Catalina Aldaz N34- 181 y Portugal Edificio Titanium 2.

Here we are at Harlan’s

We recently visited Harlan’s. Auggie has a serious sweet tooth. This place has the best brittle in the city, they also have delicious brownies, cronuts and tea. However, the best part about this place is its owner. He is a very sweet man who serves all his customers with kindness and has great stories to tell.

It’s definitely not the best place to go when you are trying to limit your sugar intake, but if you are strong willed you can always just enjoy a cup of tea or a glass of iced-tea which is refreshing and sugar-free.

Another great thing about Harlan’s is that it's great place to bring a book or a laptop. It is definitely a local must. Auggie and I loved it.


Andalucía N24–234 y Luis Cordero.

BahnMi’s wonderful pad-tai
More amazing food
The famous Bahnmi sandwich

It is a very laid back place. There’s a beer brewery on the second floor. And there is a great outdoor area with a bar. We didn’t try any alcoholic drinks but they looked great.

We really enjoyed the rich flavors. However, truth be told, the food was tasty but not really healthy. You’ll find a lot of fried stuff on the menu, so its definitely a cheat meal. As far as prices go its not cheap for what it is but it won’t break the bank. Bare in mind the dishes are small so if you have a healthy appetite odds are you’ll be ordering more than one dish per person.


Reina Victoria y La Niña

We loved this place’s decoration. It’s very ‘mexican fonda’.

We walked in to this place on a whim. We were hungry and asked if Auggie could come in. They welcomed Auggie and even offered him some water.

The food was good, not amazing but good. The portions were pretty big and the salsa was delicious.

Finding good Mexican food is tricky business. Most places, as was the case with Rosa Mexicano, tend to over-cheese their plates and make watery sauces. Contrary to authentic Mexican food, which is tasteful and doesn’t rely on cheese to play a major role in the dish’s flavor.

However, the service is great, the decoration is lively and the space is cool.


Av. Interoceánica Km 11 1/2 y Av. Siena. Complejo La Tejedora. Cumbayá.

Superfoods is a health food store and restaurant. We love getting out groceries here and coming for breakfast or lunch. Auggie loves this place because he always gets all-natural doggie treats.

All their food options have vegan substitutes and they are very tasty. We ordered a mediterranean wrap, which came with a side of kale chips and a hummus dip. The wrap was really good and the kale chips were delicious.

We also had a vegan lasagna and vegan blueberry cheesecake. To be honest the I didn’t love the cheesecake but I’ve had their vegan, gluten-free chocolate chip cookies and those are incredible.

It’s a very urban spot. It’s very laid back and they have cooking classes for the health conscious crowd.

In conclusion, Auggie and I highly recommend it.

So, that’s it for now. But stay tuned for more on the greatest and not so great pet-friendly spots around Quito.

You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions about our favorite spots and recommendations.

Until next time!



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