Holanda y Shyris

Auggie proving that there is no shame in the cone.

We had an amazing breakfast at Jürgen, a German café that serves great quality and flavor.

Oven-baked eggs. This dish comes with a small fruit salad and a side of fresh bread.
Fresh fruit with yogurt and müesli.
Vegetable omellette over sourdough.
Freshly baked corn and quinoa bread.

This is one of our favorite spots for breakfast. The service is great and the ingredients are always fresh. Another amazing thing about this place is that they build a very home-like atmosphere: very relaxed, yet top quality.

They are not only pet friendly but they also sell doggie products 💜. Try their organic all-natural doggie treats.

Auggie had a delicious pack of treats and a wholewheat croissant, which he stole from the table. I know human food is bad for him… but he stole it. By the time I was able to get to him he had basically swallowed it whole and was giving me the “I’m sorry” puppy eyes.

Anyway, our meal was great and the service was phenomenal. It is not too pricy and you get a good value meal. Prices range from 5–10 dollars depending on size. But all breakfasts come with fresh juice, coffee and a basket of warm bread or other yummy sides.

This is a place that values the quality of their products and of course the ingredients that go into them. If you are health conscious, you will find healthy options on the menu.

Auggie and I highly recommend this spot.

We have some great posts coming up so stay tuned!

Until next time.

«Stay tunned»